Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rock the T-Shirt

So, as promised I have an actual outfit post!! So I tend to wear my husbands t-shirts to bed, and thought one morning why don't I try to pair this up with my new black leggings and see how it goes!? It's practically long enough, and I reversed my pink skinny belt to the black side. And paired it with my black heels! Also I had put my hair in braids the night before so I could have that crimped look, which I thought added to the rocker look.....since it is an ACDC shirt! I did not wear this out in public though, I will admit that. :) Although it doesn't reveal anything, I'm not quite sure how I feel about going out in a short "t-shirt dress". So anyway, what do you all think? This is a bit bizarre, but I think creative, right? Oh, I hope so! :)
Below, are just some pics with my crimped hair. One with a fake flower and the other with out. Do any of you still put your hair in braids the night before to achieve the crimped look? I haven't done this since high school, but I liked how my hair turned out! Also, I know that there are crimpers out there to buy. Do any of you own one? if so how well does it work for you??
ACDC T-Shirt: JcPenney
Skinny Belt: Forever 21
Black Leggings: Forever 21
Black Heels: Kohl's


colleen said...

you should have worn it out!
it's great! :)

Tariro said...

I love your hair!

Sherin said...

The outfit is so nice. I think I need to find myself a guy whose clothes I can borrow.
Your hair looks amazing. I have naturally wild, curly hair so never really needed to braid it, but I may have to for that crimped look.

Leia said...

I think you could go out in that 'tee shirt dress' - it's cute! :)

Catherine said...

You should wear it in public, it's cute!

Thanks for commenting on my blog and have a wonderful day! :D

Marietta said...

Great style, and the flower looks so good on you!
Haha I dont mind rambling, especially when it's about series!I own OC and SATC too!I'm obsessed, they re the best shows! And of course The Hills is LOVE, looking at Lauren's style!I have all the eps too!
I ll link you , but just because I like your blog, I dont expect anything in return. ;)

PG said...

I think the tee-dress is cool, u should wear it!!! :) love your blog, thanks for finding me!


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