Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Prepped For School

Inspired by clothes worn at prep schools, I bring you this!!! Although I didn't go to a prep school, I would wear some of these pieces!!! I think most of it is cute! I attended a Christian school from 7th to 12th grade, it was a college preparatory school, but I wouldn't consider it an actual prep school, nothing like the school they attend in Gossip Girl! That's for sure! I want the blazer, the polo, and the pink sweater! The flats are precious! Oh, and I'd wear the skirt!
Hope you all have a wonderful day!!

1 comment:

Leia said...

I love preppy clothes! I'm not sure what a prep school really is, though... I went to a school with about 40 nationalities represented so we all dressed really differently!


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