Friday, May 15, 2009

V is For Vanessa!

So I really like what Vanessa Hudgens wears. Every time her picture is taken, whether it's at a special event or just on the street, she always looks good! Her hair is gorgeous, and she has great fashion sense!!!
Below, is just a mix of pinks I gathered on polyvore, inspired by this picture I came across of Vanessa Hudgens. Also, Vanessa is set to star in a movie titled Beastly, which is a modern day version of Beauty and the Beast, so I'm sure that will be good!!
Hope you all have a wonderful day!!


Delmy said...

Shes a pretty gal.

becca. said...

i love the first photo.
thats just like what i am wearing right now!
she's so pretty.
have a lovely weekend, xo

Marietta said...

I love her style too!I love the clothes she wears and she s on my top 3 with LC and Nicole Richie

Carlotta said...

great style, finally a young celeb with a good taste, the pink polyvore is so pretty!!

Miranda said...

she's so cute and pretty
her voice is so high !

Emz said...

She's gorgeous! I'm glad she's finally acting in something else other than HSM!


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