Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Finding The Right Clothes For Your Personality!!

Finding the right clothes for your personality

Each day I’m going to showcase a character from Sex and the City. I will show you where you can buy pieces of clothing or accessories that are similar to that character’s taste! I know most of us are on some type of a budget so I have tried to stay reasonably priced in what I find. I also know many of us love the clothes the girls from Sex and the City wore on the show as well as the movie, so I’m hoping you enjoy this part of my blog!

Today’s Featured Sex and the City character is:

You want a cute and classy wardrobe, with a lot of Ralph Lauren and Marco Polo, as well as floral dresses! Since you’re a romantic at heart, your clothes often depict that! If you dig deep inside your wardrobe you could find a couple of very sexy outfits!
Since Charlotte is a romantic at heart, I found a lot of floral print dresses, as well as classy and sophisticated tops. She reminds me of a 50’s housewife in a way. She’s conservative and very traditional. I hope you like my finds:

Yellow and Pink Strapless Dress: $14.50 Forever 21

Pearl Necklace $5.80 Forever 21, yellow feather weight cotton vneck cardigan j-crew $59.50

Strapless Floral Dress: $24.80 Forever 21, Pink Dress $22.80 Forever 21

below: yellow ruffle top $28 Forever 21

Below:Teal Lace and Ruffled Top: $19.80 Forever 21, Pink Brittany ruffle top $22.80 Forever 21

White Polo: $30 Hollister

Floral Strapless top: $19.80 Forever 21

Both Ralph Lauren Below: Jacket: $79.99 Blazer: $209.99

Well, that's about it. I hope you like what I found. It took a while to search through clothes looking for Charlotte only pieces! I've decided I'm a mix between a Carrie and a Charlotte! If you are in the mood for incorporating Charlotte styled pieces into your wardrobe, I think all of these are a good way to start! Have a wonderful day!!


Tariro said...

That was really good!
I love what you picked

Jessica said...

Wow this is a nice post. By the way, those garments are so Charlotte York. Especially that floral dress from Forever 21. Nice!

E said...

You summed her wardrobe up to a t! I love those blazers, especially the second one. I'm always torn between Charlotte and Carrie, sartorially.

Leia said...

I loved this post! Charlotte is my favorite SATC girl. She is so preppy and feminine! :)

Carlotta said...

amazing finds very very charlotte!!

Linda said...

It's so Charlotte. Good job looking for the outfit. I love them.
I'm a mix of Charlotte and Carrie. I can't wait to see the Carrie outfit!

superumi said...

great post. I love charlotte style very much. It matches me.

btw, Im linking u up =)

Cheryl said...

Definitely I'm a Charlotte and a bit preppy sometimes. Your blog is awesome! :)


deep_in_vogue said...

What a lovely post!! Thank you for the great suggestions!

soilikethelike said...

i've only ever seen a few episodes of satc, but charlotte's always been my favorite dresser, these all seem to fit her perfect, and are adorable:)i love the forever21 dresses.

Carlotta said...

I left you something on my blog :))

Sherin said...

Great post. I never watched SATC, but its clear to see that all 4 women had style. Charlotte seems like shes fabulously dressed and you've definitely picked great pieces.

K said...

Charlotte is my favorite!



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