Monday, June 29, 2009

Sex and The City Quiz!

Sex And The City Quiz!!

Which one of the girls owns your dream wardrobe?

You have $200 to go shopping, what do you buy?

A). Shoes, duh!
B). Sexy lingerie
C). A nice new bottle of perfume
D). A new suit

It’s your wedding, your dress is…..

A).Something unique that sets me apart from traditional brides
B). sorry, I don’t do marriage
C). a fairy tale gown
D). Anything that doesn’t scream virgin…the gig is up

Your dream profession is:

A). A skilled writer
B). A well paid publicist
C). Working in the art field and then becoming a stay at home mom
D). A lawyer

Often your go to accessory is:

A). Shoes! I can’t live without them!
B). any type of bling, you’re proud of the $ you make and you want to show it off!
C). A pearl necklace or a pretty headband
D). You like natural simple pieces, nothing too girly or too extravagant

Patterns or colors you’re drawn to when shopping:

A). Depends on my mood
B). A sexy animal print
C). Florals
D). Neutral tones


If you answered mostly A’s you are:


You want a very colorful and chic wardrobe, with all types of clothes! You dress after your mood and draw a lot of attention to yourself. Your wardrobe consists of a lot of designer pieces. You often have one key accessory that makes the outfit! Did I mention your undying love for shoes??
If you answered mostly B’s you are:


Your clothes are not only very high end, but often times very revealing! You always manage to look like a very important woman with a successful career, even though you show a lot of skin! Not many people can pull that off!

If you answered mostly C’s you are:


You want a cute and classy wardrobe, with a lot of Ralph Lauren and Marco Polo, as well as floral dresses! Since you’re a romantic at heart, your clothes often depict that! If you dig deep inside your wardrobe you could find a couple of very sexy outfits!

If you answered mostly D’s you are:


Your clothes show you are a very intelligent woman and that keeps you respected! You want a smart and distinguished wardrobe to compete in a man’s world! When you’re not at work you regularly turn to something comfortable rather than fashionable. But sometimes you can shock people with your hot skinny jeans!!


Neira said...

im a mix between Samantha and Charlotte! total opposites! ha love it

cute post!

Tasha said...

Let me know what your results are!!! :)

Carlotta said...

carrie (of course!!)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm Carrie - yay! I knew that I would end up as Carrie or Charlotte. But I'm glad it was Carrie! :)

Delmy said...

I"m carrie! SHOOOES BABY!

E said...

Ha! I'm totally a Carrie, but i already knew that :-) I love shoes too much!

Eden said...

hahaha. personality wise im totally samantha (LOL), but closet wise... definitely will be carrie!:) cute quiz:)
much love



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