Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh No She Didn't!

On the today show the other day, they were discussing how women are now more likely to be catty with each other, and make snide remarks to one another, or talk trash about another woman who isn't around at the time. I was thinking how sad that it is that some women have become that way and how I wanted to do something about it! So I'm going to take the time to do something about it!

I am going to highlight a few women on blogger who I think should be acknowledged for the good things they do:

This girl works in the media, which can have a bad reputation for "trash talk", yet she is one of the sweetest people on here. She compliments others and is thoughtful in what she has to say. She has fabulous style, and you can tell by her posts that she knows how to strut her stuff!!!

Sherin is one of my favorite bloggers on here. She's thoughtful and sincere! Her blog entries are always so informative and captivating! You can tell by her blog (that she shares with the fashion-savvy Leia) that she is creative and very fashionable! She makes an effort to reach out to others which shows how compassionate she is!

Her blog is always fun to read. She has great taste! I always look forward to reading her entries and her comments! She's very realistic about life, and seems very down-to-earth! She also likes the song God of This City, and you can't go wrong with that!!

All of these girls are beautiful inside and out! So check out their blogs and send them some love!!!

Do you know bloggers that you want to acknowledge? Let them know how amazing they are!

Also take the time to reach out to the important women in your "real" life. Or just compliment the girl you see at the grocery store that has cute shoes or has a fabulous purse! Or don't be afraid to ask that woman who has really great smelling perfume on, what shes wearing? Women need compliments and sadly we don't get them as often as we need! So let's change that!!


Sherin said...

Wow, Thank you so much. This has really made my day.
I absolutely love your blog and you are one of the nicest people on blogger. Just by putting up a post like this shows what an amazing person you are.

I'm definitely going to do a post like this and have it up in the next few days. Its so important to compliment those who really deserve it. And even if it touches them for a tiny moment, it really is worth it.

Leia said...

Tasha, this was such a lovely post! What you wrote about Sherin is 100% true - she is amazing and I'm so lucky to share a blog with her. And YOU are such a nice person, too! I completely agree that women need to stop being catty with each other, and appreciate the talent and beauty that all ladies have.

Jessica said...

Hey there Tasha, I love this post! Nice blog by the way! Keep it up! :)

LIISA ' said...

i like that picture :D

soilikethelike said...

Again, you are soo sweet:) You continue to brighten my day every time I visit your blog. Thanks so much, and I am very excited to check out the other bloggers you mentioned. I agree with the last part of this post as well, awesome idea.

Miranda said...

i totally agree
why can't we all just get alonggg hahaha

Eden said...

oh god T, i just read this-- so made my morning! i'm glad you appreciate the things i write-- i also want to let you know that I LOVE your blog-- always a spot of sunshine and always one to make me smile. sorry if i took a hiatus-- but im back, and glad to see more posts from you!:)

much love



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