Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Where I Blog!

Where I Blog!
I was tagged by the fabulous Marietta from DreamVille to tag where it is I blog!
So here it goes, now keep in mind my husband and I rent a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment, where we are not allowed to paint the walls! So, although I like where we live, I wish I could jazzy up the place with some fun colored walls! So bear with me!

Although, I don't write my blog on the walls, lol, I figured I'd show one of the walls in the living room that has some fashion inspired framed pictures!

Below, is a quick view of our table, where I have done some research for the blog! Thankfully it's not cluttered right now!

So here is a sneak peek into our bedroom, which is where I do most of the blogging, besides when I'm at school, anyway, I wish we had a brighter comforter set. Of course, I myself would choose a bright pink, but being married things don't work that way....it's compromise! Which isn't a bad thing! I can't expect my husband to want pink anything....haha On the wall we have our three favorite wedding pictures on display!

So thanks for taking a peek into my world! I would like to tag the following people to do this, unless, it's something you've already done:


District of Chic

Chic in the Tropics

Fashion Bananas

Sparkle Dust Fantasy

Have a wonderful day!


Eden said...

thanks for thinking about tagging me, T! guess i'd have to clean up around here before i respond to the post, heheh! love your living space though, looks really comfy:)

much love

Marietta said...

sometimes plain walls are better, you can play with crazy decoration!I love the b&w pic of you too!

Sherin said...

Its so nice to see where you blog. I love those pictures on your wall.
This is going to be such a fun tag. I can't wait to do it.

Leia said...

Thanks for tagging us! I love seeing pictures of where people blog. And those wedding pictures are so beautiful! So are the dressmaker pictures!

E said...

I think I blog in some of the same places you do! I have to do this one as soon as i can get organized!


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