Monday, July 27, 2009

Who wore it better?

Who wore it better??
Lily Collins and Kristin Stewert both wearing a Herve Leger dress by Max Azria

Although they are wearing different dresses who do you think pulled of the white look at this transformers premier? I'm going with Megan Fox I like the off the shoulder look! Have you noticed how Taylor Momsem always wears so much dark eye makeup??

This are just two looks I'm loving. Blake Lively and Whitney Port both look stunning! Blake Lively is in a beautiful white Robert Cavalli dress! I wish I owned this dress! Whitney is pictured here at the cfda awards in Luca Luca. Both gorgeous! I wish I had reasons to actually get dressed up like that!


Carlotta said...

lily and love megan she's a goddess!!

Sophia said...

I vote for Lily and Megan. (Megan Fox is a favorite of mine though, so I might be a little biased!)

Taylor S. said...

i think kristin wore it better by far. But she seems to look a little uncomfortable in this dress. And then Megan Fox wore white the best. Thanks for the comment. I truly appreciate it. And im following your blog now!!!
xoxo taylor

Jessica said...

Lily and Megan!

I could have voted for Whitney, but I don't like her, so I won't vote for her. Haha.

Miranda said...

blake lively is so gorgeeeeeeeee
i pick kristen and momsen

Marietta said...

I go for Lily Collins because I really dont like Kristin Stewart,but I'm surprised she didnt wear All Stars!!


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