Friday, August 21, 2009

Leopard My Love

So I got a haircut! I asked my hairdresser for a trim and side bangs! At first, I wasn't sure how I felt about the them, but I'm beginnings to embrace them! I think they're fun and offer a bit of change! What do you think? I still have yet to decide on a hair color, not sure whether I will stay blonde yet or not, but I do appreciate all your wonderful advice on the matter! I know there are a lot of photos of me here, but it was my first time wearing this dress that I bought from Forever 21 like 5 months ago! I've been nervous to wear it, because it's not my normal style and it's short! So I paired it with black tights and black heels, and since I've lost some weight in these past couple months from eating healthy I felt confident enough to show my arms like this, since it was too hot anyway for a cardigan! Also, I've decided that for the fall I want to get a bunch of fun cardigans that way I can just pair them over a solid color tank, but yet have a stylish outfit with pretty and fun printed cardigans. Any suggestions on where to buy? Also think on a budget please! We recently made an offer on a house, and are waiting to here back! I'm so nervous!!

So, anyway, I hope you like this outfit! The dress was like 15 bucks from Forever 21, and I felt confident in it! And a bit bold too, which is always fun!! :) I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! Lots of Love!


Natalie said...

Your new haircut is cute! You rock the side bangs!


Kaitlin Rae said...

i recommend f21, uo stores of that nature for cheap cardigans, f21 usually has a ton! cute hair :)

LoveMore said...

love that print!

looks gorgeous on you hon xxxx bel

Nerdic.. said...

Love the top!
X, fashion-nerdic.

Sherin said...

Love the hair. It suits you really well. And leapord print looks good on you.
Good luck on the house.

Laura Crocodile said...

Thanks for following me, i'll do the same :)

Chloe said...

i like your leaopard top.

Neira said...

I love that outfit! its so hot
love the leopard
and the hair is great!

miss neira

Cafe Fashionista said...

Love the side bangs! I have an obsession with bangs of all kinds and you wear them so well!

That top is divine. Leopard print is so...animalistic and fierce! :)

Farrah @ Stylecrumbs said...

Ooooh gotta have love for leopard! :)

HOT OUTFIT chica.. And thanks for sweet compliments!


paprika girl said...

I looove the outfit it suits u!!! and nice haircut! :)



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