Thursday, August 20, 2009

Marie Claire September 2009 Ashley Olsen

So I recently came across Marie Claire's 2009 spread with Ashley Olsen. All pictures are from Although, I've always liked the Olsens, Ashley Olsen has always been my favorite Olsen sister. I usually identify with her style more then MK's, but no doubt they both have fantastic style!

The scenery in each photo is fabulous! I really love this spread! You should pick up the latest Marie Claire magazine and check out the article inside! Ashley spills secrets!! Supposedly!


Laura Crocodile said...

I always tought that she's more beautiful than her sister, nice photos!

Delmy said...

I have this issue. She looks amazing as always

natalie said...

She looks gorgeous in these pictures!

E said...

She looks so fabulous in these. I love her personal style, too. Definitely my favorite Olsen.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ashley has always been my favorite of the sisters, as well - way back to their Two of a Kind days. I find that she embraces the style I fancy more than Mary-Kate; of course, they're both fabulous in their own right.

These pictures are simply divine. Very French boudoir meets uptown girl. J'adore! :)

annie said...

honestly i hate the first pic, and the one where she is on the bed. but i LOVE the black and white one!! These pics are very artsy. and she is cute:)


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