Thursday, September 17, 2009

Anna Sui, Marchesa, Oscar de la Renta

First I want to thank Leia and Marietta for their help! I greatly appreciate it! Now I can actually comment on my favorite blogger's posts again!! Which is exciting!

So, have any of you actually been able to go to any part of Fashion Week before? I would love to be able to! Hopefully one day I can manage to see some of the fabulous shows!! That would be amazing! Above are two outfits from Anna Sui. I love that jacket and the gold dress!

Below the next three are from Marchesa's collection! These are very delicate and dreamy like!

These last ones are from Oscar de la Renta! His collection happens to be one of my favorites so far! I love that orange he uses! Gorgeous! I don't usually like shades of orange, but I'm definitely into these! The first dress is breathtaking! The second one is more casual but still very pretty! The gold is of course spectacular! I love the sparkle! That orange dress next to it is such a lovely shade! And the white dress that's last is so lady-like and delicate! Can I have them all??

Well, I am excited to be able to leave comments again! I hope all of you are doing well! We are getting ready for the big move! The whole process is long, but we about 75% done with it! Still waiting on official day we can move in! Can't wait! I better go though, I have to take a quiz online for class! Oh why must other things have to come before my blog?! lol


Leah said...

I love the Anna Sui dresses.

Annie said...

The Marchesa dresses are so dreamy and beautiful, totally red-carpet worthy.

Sherin said...

I love the Marchesa dresses. They are gorgeous. The colours and styles are perfect.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Anna Sui never fails to please. I love all of her creations! :)

Anonymous said...

coral red, shiny gold, pale and creamy so pretty! i love those dresses! I want them! and btw i am totally planning on making my own version of that one dress! you'll have to tell me what you think!~ but i'm going to do it with out a pattern or anything... so keep that in mind;) thanks for your comments!

Farrah @ Stylecrumbs said...

I've always loved Marchesa's ingenuous designs... and what coincidence, I just posted photos on Stylecrumbs of me wearing a crazy colorful cardigan by Oscar de la Renta!



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