Monday, September 21, 2009

Have you heard the Gossip?!

So this cute little sweater is from Charlotte Russe for $36.99! It is Gossip Girl inspired! Gossip Girl's stylist Eric Daman has been brought on to help Charlotte Russe! Do you love what the girls where on Gossip Girl? Well now here is your chance to get similar looks for less!! Check out Charlotte Russe's website for more info!

I also wanted to show you this belted corset that caught my eye on their website! It is $29.99. I've never really cared for the whole corset look, but I thought this one was cute and tastefully done, what do you think? Would you were it? I think I would wear it under a cardigan or something.

I wanted to briefly mention the Emmy's

One of my favorites: Jennifer Love Hewitt looked stunning in this sunny Max Azria!!

Leighton Meester's Bottega Veneta dress is alright, nothing spectacular, and her makeup is just a bit too much, which is disappointing because normally I think she looks fabulous!

Blake Lively's Versace dress is a better choice then Leighton's, although I wouldn't take a dip that low! lol I do like the shade, but overall I've seen better from Blake Lively as well. Also, I think she should have done something differently with her hair.

Kristen Wig's dress, in my opinion, is ugly, but her face and smile look great! She is one of my favorites on SNL

I didn't really watch the emmy's I just got checked out the fashion. Did any of you have any favorites from last night's show?

Well, I must go, sadly, I will be back tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day than how today's going so far. I'm in a frustrated mood. Hopefully that improves. It's so aggravating when you can't seem to see eye to eye with someone, even though you try. I hope your day is going better!


Anonymous said...

sorry your frustrated! i love that yellow dress! and the corset it pretty too:) I'm coming to a realization that I really like simple stuff when it comes to fashion. :) I think it's about time that I post some fashion of my own... anyways... Hope your day only gets better!

Anonymous said...

ahhh, leighton and blake looked pretty damn fine as usual. i can never pick a favourite...

Britty said...

i really like kristen her dress is so nice and Jennfier is too!

Eden said...

gorgeous! how are you? i super miss visiting your blog. i've been hopping around but unfortunately i havent had the time to pop in to everyone's site, just at random..:(

anyway babe, do drop by my blog, i do have an incredible giveaway and you are most certainly qualified!


Sherin said...

Hope you feel better soon. We all have days where everything is frustrating.
I like that Gossip Girl inspired cardi. I'm a huge fan of the fashion on the show, so will happily buy it.
Also: Jennifer Love Hewitt looks absolutely amazing! I am so envious of her: she always looks so great.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I almost bought that jacket from Charlotte Russe the other day - it's so classy and posh.

Perhaps a little retail therapy will help you to get over your frustrated mood! :)


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