Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oh, Jessica!

So I wanted to post more pictures of just Jessica Stroup, a star of 90210. I wanted my viewers to see what she dresses like in real life vs. on the show!

I also wanted to bring attention to how thin these two stars of 90210 were back in September of 2008. It's great to see Jessica Stroup looking healthy now! She doesn't appear to be scary thin, and looks so much healthier! So that is fantastic news. Although, I don't have any pictures of Shenae Grimes on this post, you can tell by watching the new season on 90210 that she has put on more weight. So thankfully people were looking out for these two stars, surprisingly people in the media encouraged them to gain weight! Which is much better then those terrible times when the media pin points those stars they think need to loose weight!

Anyway, onto the fabulous Jessica Stroup!

As you can tell these pictures are over a long length of time, since in some she is pre-bob. But I think her fashion style is amazing! The guy in the picture with her is her boyfriend Dustin, who is also on 90210, but is not on the second season so far. I think Jessica looks gorgeous! Her eyes are stunning! She looks healthy and happy! Which is always important! I also love her rich hair color! Makes me want to go darker for the fall/winter! I'm still getting antsy with my hair color, so we will see!!

Well, what do you think? Do you like her style? How she looks? Her hair? Her eyes? lol Anything?!?!

All pictures: through image search

I will try to be on here as much as I can this next week, but with the big move, it's hard to say how much free time I will have! I will try my hardest though!


Sherin said...

They do look scary thin in the first picture, but its good to see that tehy've gained some weight.

I absolutely love Jessica Stroup. She is gorgeous and has great style. I love her in that white dress.

mica said...

wow she IS so very pretty! i love the set of 3 pics of her in the white tank top & denim jeans/shorts & her black colour nail polish. so very stylish!

P.S. i tagged u for awards!

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gleenn said...

she is stunning. i love that white sleeveless of hers while shes sitting. ;)

Anonymous said...

i love her hair! i am going to dye mine dark again! :) so so excited!

he dresses really cute too!

Becca said...

Her eyes are amazing. She reminds me slightly of Lindsey Lohan in some of the pics! x

Anthem said...

I've never taken much notice of Jessica, but you've shown me how gorgeous and stylish she is. Love her healthy look and shiny hair.


Kristin said...

I think she's precious. SO much prettier with some meat on her bones!


Hi! I love your blog, and the pictures are stunning! ^^ Now following you via rss! ;)

Follow me @ Twitter/MaisonChaplin @ Facebook/MaisonChaplin

Jyun said...

Thanks for introducing this pretty hon.

E said...

She does look better with meat on her bones, but I love her sense of style. Very fun.

jane st. clair said...

i think i'm in love!

Anonymous said...

i want your meat

Fashion-Bridge said...

She's really pretty and there is indeed a huge difference in her appearance since 2008! Way better!




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