Thursday, October 01, 2009

Rock the Mens-Wear and Yet Embrace Your Girly Side

Hello girls! I was recently checking out and came across a few good finds. Have you seen Jamie King in any magazine spreads for a while? I know I haven't seen this model turned actress do any fashion spreads for quite some time. So I thought I would show you a few of the pictures from her menswear-inspired photo shoot from EllE

What do you think?

I also noticed they had an article about how to dress like a Gossip Girl (the college years) Just a glimpse into what their style is going to be this season was great! Don't these girls look amazing??

I just wanted to highlight a few items that Elle suggested. These are the ones that really captivated my attention.

First this Valentino tote! Isn't this sparkly goodness just fabulous? Price tag: $4,695! So this won't be a purchase this blogger will be making any time soon, but a girl can dream, can't she?

Next, are these cute Chloe suede lace-up ankle boots. Price tag: $695! Would you spend that kind of money on shoes? I couldn't let myself to that!! And say that I had, I don't think I would ever wear them, in fear that I would ruin them some how, and then all that money would be down the

This next one, is from Anna Sui, it's a playsuit. Price tag: $515 I thought this was pretty and fun, this one was under Serena's wardrobe ideas.

I also wanted to mention Lady Gaga's outfit below. Besides the sunglasses, Her whole outfit is from Marc Jacobs 2010 collection. Sunglasses are from Alexander Wang. Although I wouldn't wear that much ruffles this outfit isn't so bad, in fact it's tame in comparison to what she normally puts together. I like the golds shades!

Well, I better get going for today, believe it or not I really am trying to keep this blog updated, but sadly I can't find too much free time to do so! But again, I will try to do better! I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful day!



Cafe Fashionista said...

LOVE the How to Dress Like a Gossip Girl (the College Years) feature. Though I really can't see it being easy to wear heels while strolling about campus. The Anna Sui playsuit is divine. Really, she can do no wrong! :)

Linda said...

I love the Jamie King pictures. Love the way the mens wear was put together. Wearing heels on campus... I wish I could, but I always regret half way going to school and have hard time the rest of the day. I totally understand about not having time. but I enjoyed your post!!

Taylor S. said...

i do love the fact that us girls tend to pick the most expensive thing on the shelf! the bag is cute, while lady gaga's is not. thanks for the lovely comment girlie
xoxo taylor

Sherin said...

I can't wait to read the How To Dress Like A Gossip Girl. I haven't seen the new season yet (it starts next week for me), but I can't wait to see what all the girls are going to be wearing.

Anonymous said...

i like the clothes from the Gossip Girl section:)

Elaine said...

Great picks!!! The Jamie King pictues are amazing... She's so gorgeous!

C said...

i loved the editorial and also when girls dress a bit boy-like with femenine touches, it's all about androginy.

about gossip's what i love most about the show (and blair/chuck relationship) the ouftis and amazing shoes they get to wear.


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