Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Trick or Treat

Do you girls dress up for Halloween? If so what do you plan on being? Do you buy your costume or make it? I haven’t dressed up in a few years. No fun Halloween parties to go to around here. I have decided that next year I’d like to host a Halloween party. As for this year we will be finishing up our big move that week so no time for parties. Anyway, I’d like to know your plans.

What or who are you dressing up as?

Do you dress up as something cute and tame?

Like Katy Perry here:

Sexy and revealing?

Like Kim Kardashian

Or as something that’s just plain scary?

(I had a hard time looking at this picture! It creeps me out!! )

Or maybe you just stay home and hand out candy? Or possibly you buy the Halloween candy from the store only to eat it all yourself?! Halloween candy can be a curse for dieters, so try to limit yourself to good small potions. Have some, but don’t overindulge. Here’s another tip: Eat apples! I know it’s not candy but fall is the perfect time for those delicious good for you treats! Dip it in a little caramel if you need to! Little being the key word. Or be creative and make/bake other good-for-you treats, so you feel like you get to eat goodies too!

Anyway, I'm just curious as to what everyone is dressing up as. So let me know! I'm sure some of you are going to be so creative for your costumes because you girls are just that amazing!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!


Sherin said...

I'm dressing up as a pirate this year. I'm trying to find as many items as I can at home though, so will hopefully only need to buy a hat. I have no idea from where though.
But I have a feeling I'm going to have the most un putting on my make up for the costume!

becca. said...

i stay home and hand out candy on halloween :)
what are you dressing up as?

jules said...

I'm dressing up as Edie Sedgewick, an andy warhol muse, and fashion icon. Allot of my friends are doing dolls, barbies, porcelain, marionette, stuff like that is always cute, or fairy tale characters.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I would love to dress up a Mary-Kate Olsen or Edie Sedgwick. They both have such econic styles that seem fairly simple in mimicking for the holiday! :)

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

we are going to go as smarty pants - pants covered with smarties on our heads - cheat guide to hallowe'en :)

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