Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How To Pull of the Biker Look

You want to appear tough, edgy, and cool. Guys might find this look mysterious and sexy.

Key items to consider wearing:

1. Leather jacket or metallic bomber jacket

(as seen on Audrina above)

Audrina seems to be in love with the leather jacket look! She pulls of the biker chick style quite beautifully! I think maybe she got into that whole look because when she was dating rough boy Justin Bobby....Thankfully those days of her being with him are over! Ick!

2. Black boots

The jeans/pants being tucked into the tough looking style black boots look great!

Also the pants having some tares here and there works well too!

3. gold or silver jewelry, also think about studded jewelry

These Dual Jewel Trim Rings from Forever 21 for only $5.80 would work great with this look!

4. Black eyeliner or embrace the smoky eye look

This is a great liquid eyeliner from Mark Makeup! It's only $5.50 and trust me it's an amazing product!

For your hair: THINK VOLUME!

This Kate Beckinsale hairstyle looks high in volume and sexy! Which looks great with the Biker look!

Well, I hope this helps you all! Don't be afraid to try this look! Anyone can do it, just pick the right time and place to choose to wear this! Most importantly be confident! Have a wonderful day ladies!

pictures: www.meetmark.com




Sophia said...

good how-to post :) i need to work on my hardcore-makeup-looks (i have a total of zero, haha)

Anonymous said...

i love this post! i so want a jacket like that!

Sherin said...

Great tips. I've done all of these looks one way or another, so I can't wait to put them all together to get the biker look.

Anonymous said...

Great informative post!

Faridah said...

Great post! I love the biker look.

thank you for becoming a follower :D x

Leather Bombers Jackets said...

nice post love it


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