Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's all about the A's: Ashley Greene, Adam Lambert, and ANTM

So Ashley Greene who plays Alice Cullen in the Twilight, and now New Moon, was on David Lettermen last night. I couldn't help but notice the suit she was wearing. Even my husband commented on how ugly it looked. I think the think I dislike the most is the cropped suit pants. That just isn't something like looks attractive to me. Also I don't like the red stripes paired with the blue or black striped button down shirt underneath. I think it's just a bit too much. I like the heels though! And she herself looks very pretty, you can tell she's a gorgeous girl. She just didn't choose well with this outfit. At least in my opinion.

What do you girls think?? Would you wear it? Do you like it?

pictures: www.ashleygreene.net

Also, I was bummed to realize I had missed one episode of America's Next Top Model, that eliminated Erin and Jennifer. Of course I didn't mind to see that Erin had been kicked of, but I was sad to hear about Jennifer. I got to watch just the last 10 minutes of the finale, so I saw Nicole won. I was hoping that out of the two that Laura would have won, I felt bad for her when she was crying after finding out she didn't win, but Tyra was nice to her about it!

Also, have you heard anything about this Adam Lambert controversy? He was a bit racy at the awards show, and now in turn Good morning America canceled his scheduled performance on their show for Wednesday morning, saying "Given his controversial live performance on the AMAs we were concerned about airing a similar concert so early in the morning."

This is what his controversial performance consisted of:

1. he flipped off the audience,

2. kissed a male keyboardist

3. fondled several of his backup dancers.

4. Lambert also pulled the head of one dancer into his crotch

I'm surprised he would choose to do all of that on one of his earliest concert performances in his new career. I'm sure many of you will go both ways on this topic, but I myself think it was too much, especially for live tv, children at home do not need to be seeing that. Especially pulling the head of a male dancer into his crotch. That is just distasteful no matter if it's a same sex pair or an opposite sex duo, it's not appropriate.

Anyway, I think that's enough for now, I hope all of you are doing well!


Tasha said...

By the way, I felt nervous posting a picture of Adam Lambert kissing another man on here, but I just wanted you all to see it wasn't just a simple peck...... Anyway, my goal was not offend anyone, so I hope you all understand. That is not something I ever want to do on The Hot Spot

mica said...

love her black n white striped shirt n her heels! gotta agree with u n ur hubby that the red suit and red cropped pants is totally "What in the world?!". haha...

i'm open to male-2-male and female-2-female kissing. its just for fun sumtimes. i've tried it too! influenced by katy's I kissed a gurl... my bestie n i sang the song @ karaoke and kissed when the line "I kissed a gurl" appears! ;)

Heather of Heat Storm said...

cool pics! love a man style outfit with heels! what a cute blog... I am following you now!xx

Sylvia said...

HAHA he is crazy! not that he kissed a guy but how inappropriate he was at such an early stage in his career...he needs to be careful, not everyone could pull this off and stay successful! we'll see I guess!
Great post!

Anonymous said...

the red is so fieres ... love the outfit! xx

Sherin said...

I love Ashley Greene. I think she's gorgeous. But a definite bad choice with the outfit. I supppose it was bold of her to wear the bright red, but I'm not too fond of the style of the suit.

Adam Lambert isn't well known here, so I haven't really heard of him, but his performance sounds shocking, especially for live tv!

Sher said...

Ashley Greene is so gorgeous, oh her face!! She's so beautiful, I can forgive her for this suit!!

Hmm Adam Lambert's show looks pretty gross to me...I feel a little disappointed in him:(

Taylor S. said...

i think its really considerate of you to let everyone knoe that you werent trying to offend anyone. Ahley's outfit is ugly, and not right for her body style at all. I would def. not wear it, and Adams little performance grossed me out. i dont even know what song he sang because all i could concentrate on was is disturbing performance.

Emz said...

I love Ashley Greene, but what was with the outfit! She's my favorite character in New Moon hehe, although I spent the whole movie swooning over Edward & Jacob =)

Elle Paisley said...

Ashley Greene is one of the most gorgeous actresses around these days, but everyone has accidents with fashion once in a while.
I love that you featured her, usually you only get to hear about Kristen, Robert and Taylor.

- Elle

Anonymous said...

Im in love with that color! pretty!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I so would never wear that outfit myself; but Ashley manages to pull it off. She has such an adorable face! :)


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