Thursday, November 19, 2009

Girls of Melrose Place

So I've really gotten into the new version of Melrose Place. It's a guilty pleasure of mine. Do any of you watch it? Oh, there is always a lot of drama!!!! I wanted to show you the girls of the show and how their fashion sense is fabulous! I wish I could come up with better pictures, but you'll get the idea!

Stephanie Jacobsen plays Lauren on the show, she works at the hospital and is close to her dream of being a doctor, except that her huge tuition bills are even closer to finishing her career before it starts, so what does she do? Sells her body to men on the side...... I know it's sketchy and not a good thing to do, but I think she is so gorgeous! In my opinion she's the prettiest one of the bunch!

Katie Cassidy plays Ella on the show, she's not my favorite character but she usually has the best wardrobe on the show! It's between her and Lauren but both character wear great clothes, I think Ella gets to were them more often since Lauren is in scrubs for a lot of scenes. Ella is a publicist and has to look good all the time.

This little dress below is a bit daring for my taste, but besides the low dip the dress itself is of beautiful material!

Here are some group shots of the cast from Melrose Place

Please tell me some of you watch this show??? And enjoy the fashion and drama as much as I do?! Let me know what you think!

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Becca said...

i don't think we get that in the UK but i'll def be youtube-ing it! x

mica said...

i've never heard of this drama series! but the guys & gurls look hot ;)

Sher said...

I've heard of this series but never seen it before! The actors are so gorgeous:)

Sherin said...

I don't think we have it in England yet, but thanks for the introduction to it. I'll definitely keep my eyes open for it.

The Poor Little Rich Girls said...

Sooo much eye candy to choose from...really full and info packed blog.
Love, The Poor Little Rich Girls.

gleenn said...

i've never seen it girl, but i enjoyed these photos actually. lovely fashionable pics ;)


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