Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Darkened Glamor

Items in this set:
Herve Leger Color-block bandage dress, $1,150
Fringe Chained Top, $18
H&M Shop Online
Forever21.com - Bottoms - Skirts - 2074318200, $20

To check out the other items just click on the set! Kirsten Stewart has this rough type of glamor going for her! Her style has really evolved since she has become a bigger celebrity. She's embraced becoming more girly and dressing up in beautiful dresses but she still has that tough feel to it. A smoky, mysterious attitude. It's nice to see her not completely change into what the media is used to seeing. She's kept her edge!!

picture: www.cinemavoyage.com, found on www.polyvore.com

What do you think about the set? Do you like any of the items featured in this set? Do you embrace your tough side? Or maybe your girly side if your more like Kirsten Stewart to begin with? Or is that a side of you people hardly ever see?


Anonymous said...

Now, this is me:) Except I also have a very sophisticated girly side too.
I think she is beautiful!

Delmy said...

I love her dark hair and the pieces you chose. Badass.

Heather said...

Yeah I like to think im a little bit tough! if I wear something girly I like to pair it with chunky heels or heaps of silver jewelry. I like those little booties a lot!

The Owl's Closet said...

love ur picks! kristen is such a beautiful girl! i love her edginess:) my favorite from this set is definitely the black and white one piece dress! :)


Sherin said...

I love her edgy style. She looks so cool when she goes out like that. I used to have a tough side, which slowly went away and gave way to a more girly side. I would love to go out embracing both those styles at the same time.

Fashion is a Playground said...

Love your selections !

the crybaby said...

i like the wrap-around scarf with the black lace... o n the halter-neck top with the chain =)

thanks dear for the prompt visit over @ my new blog! really appreciate your kind support!

P.S. yup, i wun be updating the old blog anymore. all updates will be made @ my new blog =)

the crybaby said...

i'm not sure if there's a side of me tat no1's ever seen? i've got the goody gurl look, but deep down inside me, i reckon i can get quite wild =P

...but tats all very hush hush. >.^

Anonymous said...

Hey Tasha, a long time ago you gave me an award thing for my blog. I am just wondering, can I put that on my blog? and how do I do it? Also, can I make my own award and give it to people?? Thanks so much. :) annie

Cafe Fashionista said...

What do I think of this set?! I absolutely adore it; and would more than welcome each and every piece to my wardrobe! I love to be feminine in my style; but sometimes it's fun to be a little rebellious!! :)

Diya said...

I love that gothic vibe myself.

I've recently started a blog and would love it if you dropped by/exchanged links with me. :)


Diya said...

just linked ya. thanks a lot!!!

Anonymous said...

ohh i love her edgy look but my tastes are usually more feminine. i'd probably wear all of those pieces though - just paired with girly ruffles or florals!

SogniSorrisi said...

I pretty much like every piece in the set and I think they would suit Kristen. I like her so much better with longer hair.

Raptor Plateado said...

the black is my color.. i like dark clothes!!! nice post!!!


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