Friday, February 26, 2010

Fantastic Friday: Quick Rundown!

Alexa Chung:  light blue Chanel dress

Aygness Deyn: Henry Holland Fall 2010 dress

I think Alexis Chung looks lovely in that girly and delicate looking dress and Aygness looks fun!

So the Elle style awards were just the other day!  I want to so you some of the looks!

The Olsens
Mary-Kate: black Lanvin gown
Ashley: sheer Christian Lacroix Spring 2010
They look a lot better with the coats off, at least in my opinion!

Kristen Stewart
Emilio Pucci strapless mini dress
I know this picture isn't the most flattering, but I really like this dress!

My favorite would definitily be Alexa Chung in that Chanel dress.  I just instantly fell in love with that beautfil feminine outfit!  Gorgeous!  What's your favorite?  Of did you have another favorite not shown here?  Let me know what you thought!! 

pictures: found though bing and yahoo search engines


Sherin said...

I love Alexa Chungs dress! But by far, my favourite was Ashley's Christian Lacroix dress! It is so stnning.

Leia said...

Omg, I love Alexa's dress sooo much!

beckyxoxo said...

Wow ! I think I love all of them ! Alexa Chung surely wore a very pretty dress . Thanks for sharing . Hope you're having a nice weekend !

MOLLYKT said...

i agree; i loved alexa!

Mrs. April said...

Oh, wow. I really love that Emilio Pucci strapless mini! Gorgeous! (Although you're right, not a flattering photo. haha)

Andie said...

oh isnt she just GORGEOUS!!


J and V said...
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