Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spectacular Saturday: Keira Knightley

While searching for pictures of the Elle Style Awards I came across the recent cover of Elle magazine.  I wanted to do a post about it because I think Keira looks gorgeous here!  This outfit she is wearing on the cover is so well put together!!!  I love it and would definitely wear it myself! Would you?

Take a look at some of the other shots from this photo shoot!!

I personably think Keira is very stunning!  I don't like when I see her way to skinny that it looks unhealthy, but I think she looks lovely here! 

Are you a fan of Keira??  What do you think about these shots?? 

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!!


louise w. petersen said...

like your blog and love kiera's cover outfit as well:) just added myself as follower - perhaps you'd like to follow me too?

Mrs. April said...

I think Keira is beautiful. She has the face shape that I love! I know she's sooo super skinny, but she has such a beautiful, wide face. It's gorgeous!

Charlie said...

i like it. even if I don´t love K eira I think she looks lovely :)

Sherin said...

She looks so lovely in these pictures, and its good to see put a bit of weight on. I love her cover outfit! It is really well put together, but personally, my favourite is what she's wearing the in the last picture.

Leia said...

She does look gorgeous. I think she has always been a bit too skinny, but I've been seeing her in movies since she was 16 or so, and she's always been that way, so I think it might just be the way her body is built! At least, that's what I hope :)

Sher said...

I'm definitely a fan of Keira especially after the Pirates of the Carribeans series and Pride and Prejudice. I think she has impeccable style:)


J and V said...

She is just amazing. Nothing more to say!
Best wishes.


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