Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sharing Love and a New Template

So if you haven't noticed yet, The Hot Spot has a new look!  I'm sure those of you who are regular readers definitely noticed!  :)  I'm not sure yet if I'm going to keep it looking like this or if I will go back to the old way.  Let me know what you think, which some of you already have, and thank you for it!

 There are still a lot of quirks and different things needing to be editied on this new template, so bare with me, but I do hope you like it, at least in the mean while.  I like the picture with the three girls socailizing as the header.  That's what I want The Hot Spot to be, a place where all us girls can get together and chat and have fun! 

And I do want to mention that sometime over this past weekend and an amazing thing happened!!!  I reached 100 followers!  In fact I'm at 101!!  So it's pretty amazing!  I feel like it's a great milestone!  lol I know I may be cheesy, that's ok though, I hope this blog gets hundreds and hundreds more followers!  I will be pretty lucky if that happens!! :)  I want to thank all of you lovely ladies for following and supporting my blog!  It means the world to me!  If I could give each of you a cute little cupcake to share the love I would!! 

Speaking of cupcakes, what's a good alternative to a cupcake?  I'm always, I mean always craving delicious cupcakes or pastries or other sweets, but I need a healthier option!!  Any ideas?  Something that may come close to satisfying my sweet tooth without eating poorly!!  

I hope you all are having a wonderful day!!


Anonymous said...

Yep I noticed! It seems more website-ish to me. and I like it! I love the pics of famous people around. I wish I could eat that cupcake and am totally jealous that you have 101 followers! Way to go!

Sher said...

Congrats on passing 100 darling! Ohh, it would be difficult to find an alternative to cupcakes I'm afraid! Nothing healthy comes a close second lol:P


szela said...

congrats on reaching more than 100 followers! you can add me to your growing numbers (:

your hair looks great! would love to have curls one day.

Sherin said...

I'm loving the new layout. It looks really great. And congrats on 100 followers!

I seriously can't think of a healthy alternative to cupcakes. They are such a perfect food.

Anna said...

That cupcake is so freakin adorable. I want to eat it. :)
Congrats on your followers!

Anonymous said...

your hair looks so lovely curled! i have naturally wavy hair so of course i always want to straighten it, but i don't always have the patience. and that's the cutest cupcake!!

kirstyb said...

your hair looks lovely - i wish my turned out like that lol xxoox


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