Saturday, March 06, 2010

How To: Dress To Impress

How to: Dress to Impress

For Your Interview

Some of you may be out there looking for a job right now, or maybe getting ready to for the summer.  Here are some ideas I hope you find helpful for when you are out there job hunting!!

First Take a look at Ashley Olsen.  Doesn't she look well polished and put together in both photos?  Keep that in mind when putting together an outfit for the day of the interview!

Key items to consider wearing:

1. Button down collared dress shirt

Button It
Button It by DreamyGirl22 featuring Vince tops

2. Pencil skirt 
(not a skirt person? dress pants are acceptable!)

Grab Your Pencils

Items in this set:
Sportmax skirts, 200 GBP
Jersey Pencil Skirt, $70
Black belted pencil skirt, 28 GBP

Word Of Advice: Don’t be afraid of just a bit of color to show your personality and help you stand out amongst the others, but be sure not to take it too far.  Remember you want to be taken seriously!

Hair Options:

A low ponytail

A bun

Straight hair paired with a headband

These three styles look well polished.

Most important is confidence, but don’t overdo it, cockiness is not attractive.

Also don’t wear anything revealing.
You want to show them your skills, not your “goodies”.
or you may get this reaction:   

I really like putting together these How To Posts, so I hope you girls are enjoying them as well!! Have a wonderful day lovelies!

pictures: bing search engine &


Sherin said...

Great advice, and really helpful for me. I'm doing an internship at the moment, and have to go to a conference soon, so have no idea what to wear! I'm definitely going to take these tips.

Leia said...

Really useful advice! Thanks Tasha :)

louise w. petersen said... the cardigans! :)

projectvee said...

great post! i love the blazers and cardigans :)

The Man from Amsterdam said...

Love the white blazer. The Olsons.

Miss Coffee Baby said...

pretty cardigans! i'm so into cardis now... great choices, Tasha!


Anonymous said...

Your blog is getting awesomer by the minute. I love it so much and will be using it as a reference more often.

Remember that one time you posted a picture of a dress that I wanted to make? Well.... I just thought I'd let you know that I did attempt to make it, but it didn't turn out how I would have liked so I gave up. haha!

keep blogging. because I love it!

The Owl's Closet said...

love ur new layout, tasha! these are definitely great tips! loving ur interview attires! thx for sharing:)

Sher said...

I love this How To post! So cute how you put the tips together, I'll have to remember all these for my future interviews:)


Susi said...

Thats a really creative post! I like it!

And I am so into cardigans at the moment. :D

Tangerine Fairy said...

Love the first pic of Ashley Olsen. The blazer and pants are a perfect combo. great post!

Thanks for visiting my blog and following me..I'm following you also :)

Becca said...

Loveeee this post! And all of those blazors are amazing. Keep up the good work miss x

Melanie M said...

You have such cute tips! I loved every single one! Also, that picture of the cat made me laugh out loud! :) Cute blaaaaawg!


meraldia said...

Great post with useful advice! The cat photo is wonderful, LOL!!!!!


sunaina said...

Thank you so much for following, I'll return the favor, your blog looks great! Good tips you're giving! Love the picture of the cat haha! xx

Taj Acosta said...

I want those booties! Great blog! xoxo

Phoebe Rose said...

So pretty!

Jessica said...

Great post! Love the AO photos.

Fashion Tidbits said...

DIOR was soooooooo beautiful!

Anonymous said...

i love Dior...thanks for reminding me of this love!

Winnie said...

I always love Dior!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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