Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Hot Spot's Seal Of Approval

I just wanted to take the time to acknowledge a special blogger out there that has an amazing heart!  I wanted to share her with all of you because I think you will definitely find something you like from her lovely blog!

She is:

Some of you may know her already, and those of you who don't yet definitely should!!

You can tell she is a fabulous mom, and an amazing wife to her husband.  This girl also has stunning style and a true gift for doing makeup!  Take a look for yourself:

Anyway, if you girls have any questions about makeup how to's, she is definitely the one to ask!  And I know she would love to hear your questions!  On The Hot Spot I don't really cover makeup tutorials, so I thought it would be great to lead my followers to someone who does!  And who does them well!  So take a look!! Click here

*On a side note:  The Hot Spot is all about promoting other women.  This is something I want to make a regular occurrence on this blog.  I never want it to be a place where cat fights and such are taking place.  This isn't a place for backstabbing or snide remarks.  It's sad when girls have to resort to those kind of things!  Click here for a post I did a while back on a similar topic.  
Anyway, have you complimented someone today??


Couture said...

I will definitely take a look! I like her make-up a lot!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Tasha! That REALLY surprised me! Thank you sooo much for featuring me in a post! You are a doll!!! and sooo sweet!

And to everyone! Yes!!! Please ask me questions!!!

Sher said...

That's so sweet! I'm new to her blog, so I definitely have to check her out:)

Thanks for the tip, Tasha!!


Sunaina said...

How sweet of you, will definitely check out her blog:) xoxo

Sherin said...

She's lovely. I discovered her a while back and think she is an amazing blogger. She really does do great make up tutorials.

Leia said...

Tasha I'm so happy you did this post! Annie is so awesome and I love her make-up looks. And you're so right, us ladies should support each other all the time! :)

Camila Calvet said...

Goshh U are sooo pretty!
I'm Camila and I'm brazilian..
and now I'm your follower!
soo cute you are!
my blog speak about fashion too!

Erin said...

Oooh make up tutorials are such a good idea! Will be taking a look...!

Love love love,



priincess said...

she has such amazingg style!

don't forget to enter my first giveaway for amazing prizes:

Iva said...

that is sooooooo sweet of you!!! thank you for sharing a new blog to read!! :)

Wild and Precious said...

okay i WANT that yellow dress!

p.s. I have a double giveaway I think you might like!

E said...

I love that gorgeous Jason Wu look!

Margaret said...

she is so so stunning
great blog!
loving the posts
stop by some time xx

the style spotter said...

love the blog!


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