Saturday, April 24, 2010

In The Eye of The Beholder

How rare is this?  That a celebrity would choose to go without makeup or have retouching done for a magazine photo shoot??  No matter what you may think about Jessica Simpson, that really is applaudable and very brave!!!   She also had let her hair simply air dry.  It's definitely all natural!  This is so rare in today's world. 

I think she looks very pretty none the less! 
I know I wouldn't be brave enough to do what she did, would you?? 

"I don't have anything to prove anymore," she told the magazine. "What other people think of me is not my business."
I'm sure most of you have heard about her new show, "The Price of Beauty".  She travels around the world to see what is considered beautiful in other cultures and places.  It really is quite interesting.  It's also quite surprising what other cultures consider beautiful.  Definitely different from what we think of as beautiful.  Not bad, just different.  

Here's what Jessica Simpson's website had to say about the show: 

In the new VH1 docu-series, Jessica travels to Thailand, France, India, Uganda, Japan, Brazil, Morocco, and then back home to Los Angeles to meet every day women and local icons.  Throughout the series, Jessica examines the local fashions, dietary fads and beauty regimes and even participates in some extreme practices in order to reveal what constitutes beauty in these foreign cultures.

Simpson said "I was so moved by the eight cultures I explored for my new show.  The women I met were so incredibly different in their customs and traditions but there was a common thread between them in their beauty.  I was inspired to write the theme song for the show to reflect what I observed- that there is a unique beauty that lies within each of us, flaws and all.  Our hearts, our souls, our passions are what make us each beautiful."

I also read about her father Joe Simpson traveling with Jessica to Uganda and saying this about the experience:

Joe explained, "In Uganda, fat is beautiful. So the bigger you are, the more beautiful you are. [Jessica] was with a girl who had been in a hut preparing for her wedding for two months and 25 days on a 5,000 calorie-a-day diet."

Can you imagine???  What other unusual ideas of beauty have you heard about?  Have you been watching her show?  And what do you think about this cover shoot for Marie Claire??  I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!!



Anonymous said...

I think this is wonderfully brave. I also think Jessica looks stunning. I bet she looked at those photos cringing, the same we would if we looked at ourselves without make up. All I see is a gorgeous girl. I respect her more after this.

thanks for sharing and hope you are having a wonderful weekend beautiful x

Leia said...

I'm really impressed that she did this! Although it does look like she is wearing SOME make up - eyeliner and blush - on the cover, but still, it's barely anything and not airbrushed! So I think she's really brave. More women should be brave enough to go on camera without make up (I couldn't do it!!!)

Jessie said...

Very brave... I think she looks better without all of the makeup!!


Couture said...

She's indeed very brave!

Couture said...

I've nominated you for an award! More info on my blog!

Sunaina said...

Wow I think she looks better without make up and stuff, she's a real natural beauty!

Sher said...

I think this was a great editorial of her! She looks so much better than all the stuff I've seen her in!! I'm in awe of her natural beauty!! And her beauty show sounds interesting, wish to watch it:)


Erin said...

That is such a clever idea to do a shoot naturally ... she still looks breathtaking and its quite refreshing too! This is the first I've heard of her show but I have a feeling itll be utterly fascinating...thank you Tasha!

Estou in love com seu blog... Depois faz uma visitinha no meu universo da moda, acesse diariamente

Trish said...

Thank you for sharing, Tasha, this is a great post! I think that she should really be proud of herself, she is so naturally beautiful, I wish more celebrities would do the same thing!

How are you enjoying your dark hair? Getting used to it yet sweetie? xoxo

Sherin said...

I do have a lot of respect for her for doing this editorial. And her show sounds really amazing. It's really true: whats desirable in one culture is not the same in other cultures.

Mrs. April said...

I think that most people look better without make-up. I'm a believer in "less is more". Everyone is beautiful!


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