Saturday, May 22, 2010

Black and White

 I wore this to church on Sunday.  I wanted a chance to get to wear my Devon Baer necklace from that giveaway I won back in April.  Since the necklace itself is so eye catching I tried to let my outfit be simpler color wise and to coordinate well with the necklace. 


I thought black and white would work out.  It was also sort of chilly out in the morning so it was important to wear black tights.  I didn't want to wear any other jewelry.  I thought the necklace was enough.   

In the car on the way to church. 

Sorry the photos aren't that great.  We were in a hurry.  We like to get to church a little early because the seats near the front fill up fast and we have a certain spot we like to seat at every week.  Our church is quite large.  It has to have three morning services every Sunday so spread out the church body.  

Anyway, I'm usually running around Sunday mornings trying to figure out what to wear.  It's usually the day of week that I feel like I don't have enough clothes and simply have nothing to wear (which my husband says is not even close to being .  So there's usually not much time for outfit pictures so to make a long story short, that's why the pictures aren't all that great! :)

Do you ever feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear?  Even though you probably do??  In my defense, I haven't gotten too much new clothes since I lost a little over 20 pounds in the last 7 or so months, so doesn't it make sense that I don't have clothes that look right?  I thought so, I'll go tell my husband now! haha


Lucie said...

Im absolutely loving this black and white combo tasha! So beautiful!

lucie x

Leia said...

You look so lovely! I adore the outfit, especially the necklace! And yes I do often think I have nothing to wear, even though it's so, so not true. I've become better at it though! I find that having an organised wardrobe and an idea of what you are going to wear the next day really helps :)

Also Tasha you have lost SO much weight! Your figure looks amazing. I remember we both wanted to lose weight at the same time and I'm only down around 8-9 pounds and still want to lose around 5-6, but those last few are so stubborn and just don't want to go! :(

Sherin said...

That is such a prefect outfit! Black and white is usually my go to combination. I've been in the situation of having nothing to wear lots of times. My cupboard can barely close these days, so I do feel guilty when in that situation.

Sunaina said...

Nice black and white outfit and I love the necklace!

I daily don't know what to wear! :/
Have a nice sunday!

E said...

Oh I love the necklace - what a great piece!

LumpexoHoliczka said...

You looks beautiful! as always:D
i like black and white outfit!

last photo is so cool!

Mrs. April said...

That looks fantastic! I really love it. The necklace completes the whole look - super classy.

projectvee said...

beautiful! and i agree, the necklace is the perfect accessory for this outfit :)


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