Monday, May 24, 2010

Head From Ong Bak

The other day my husband and I stopped by Pier 1 Imports.  If you've ever seen the movie Ong Bak you would recognize the head I'm holding.  My husband had to get a picture of me holding this head which is a part of the Ong Bak movies so he could take a picture and send to my brother Matthew, whom is also a fan of these movies.  So far there is Ong Bak 1 and 2, and #3 will be out soon.  They are considered to be martial arts movies, so if you haven't heard of them, that's probably why.  lol  I've only have seen these movies because I'm married and grew up with only brothers!   The movies star Tony Jaa.  

Read this info from about the first movie:

No computer graphic can ever surpass what a real human body can do--and what the body can do is on spectacular display in Ong-Bak, a Thai action movie starring the lithe and flexible Tony Jaa. When the head is stolen from a holy statue in Jaa's rural village, he goes to Bangkok to get it back. Of course, it just so happens that the thief is connected to a bar where criminal big shots gamble over bare-knuckle brawls, and Jaa is--despite his virtuous efforts--drawn into the game. But that's only the beginning; a chase through the city streets rivals the ingenious acrobatics of Jackie Chan, with Jaa leaping between panes of glass, over a bicycle in motion, and through a wreath of barbed wire. Jaa's fighting prowess has been compared to Bruce Lee, Jet Li, and just about every other martial arts master, but he has an equal degree of charisma as well. He won't win acting awards, but his engaging presence carries the movie. One word of warning: The numerous fights will make you wince as much as gape in astonishment. Ong-Bak follows the action-flick tradition that the hero needs to be as battered as possible before he ultimately triumphs, and the battering is intense. --Bret Fetzer
If you like action movies or martial arts movies or movies with subtitles, lol, these movies are in fact pretty good.  I know this isn't fashion related but I wanted to explain the picture I'm posting!  

Anyway, we had just gone out to eat at a new BBQ place that opened up in town.  Unfortunately the food wasn't as good as we were expecting, but hopefully they will get better with time.   It's the first BBQ restaurant our town has, so we had to check it out!  I know I kind of look tired in the picture, well, because I was! lol

But I was really comfortable in my black tunic!  I paired it with my leather leggings and Vera Wang heels.  I think the tunic is my favorite piece of clothing these days.  All I have to do is pair it with some leggings and heels and I'm good to go.  It's an easy go to outfit, and so comfortable.  I love having items like that!  If you remember last time I wore this was on my birthday.  Pictured below, you can better see the tunic and leather leggings.  Shown with different heels though.

I like how you can choose to wear this tunic off the shoulder.  Depending on one's mood!  It's made from the softest material ever too!  Looking at these pictures from my birthday make me sort of miss my blonde hair.  Oh brother, I can never be 100% satisfied with my hair!  lol Are you girls like that too?  I hope I'm not the only girl with hair issues! : )

On another note I've recently found a show that makes me laugh!  I'm obviously watching reruns that they show on one of our local channels but I think it was a pretty big hit back in it's day on BBC.  It's called As Time Goes By.  It stars Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer as Jean and Lionel Hardcastle!  The banter between the two is just hilarious!  I've never really gotten a chance to watch many British shows except the British version of The Office with Ricky Gervias (and I happen to like the American version better, although Ricky is a funny guy).  Anyway, our local chanel airs two episodes of As Time Goes By every Saturday night.  Unfortunately not more often, but that will just have to do!  Ive only gotten to see about 6 episodes but I'm hooked. 

Do any of you recognize this tv show?  If so do you like it as well??  
I checked on Amazon and I could buy the whole series (9 seasons) for around $130, which is too much for me to spend on a tv show!  You know how many new clothes I could get for that!

Sorry this post is a bit scatter brained, but usually my mind is thinking about a million things at once!  I better go before I completely ramble on! I hope you girls had a lovely weekend!


Charlie said...

the outfit looks great on you! and yes, I´m just like that with my hair as well. I still think you look prettier as a brunette darling, makes your eyes look even more gorgeous. ;)

LumpexoHoliczka said...

you looks so lovely !!!!!!!

i love 1 photo:)

Jolie said...

Love, love the tunic! Im the same way about my hair, never satisfied. Debating bangs right now.

Sherin said...

I've heard of Ong Bak, but have never seen it. It's meant to be great, so I might watch it now. Also, your hair in the first picture looks really good: the colour looks like it's settled well now.

kirstyb said...

great post - thanks for sharing x

Taj Acosta said...

The dress is a lovely color! It seems kind of big even on the model! xoxo

Asta said...

The lace socks+black pupms look so good together, really worth trying out!


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