Saturday, May 29, 2010

Would You Do It?

Would you try out the pixie look with your hair??  Would you be brave enough like these lovely ladies??

Carey Mulligan

Or say Ginnifer Goodwin?
Or even Pixie Geldof??
Agyness Deyn
Katharine McPhee
Mia Wasikowska
 Most of these girls sport the pixie look quite well!!  I tell you personally I would not be brave enough to ever chop my hair that short! I don't think that look would be flattering on my face shape one bit!  And plus I can't even get enough courage to cut my hair this length (in either photo):

And most of you girls know how long I've been wanting to take the plunge and cut my hair like Jessica Stroup's!!  And her's is long compared to the pixie look! lol 

Anyway, I would love to know if you girls would ever cut your hair that short?  Of if you have before how'd it turn out for you?? What's your ideal hair length??

I hope you're having a lovely weekend!  I'm going to the Indy 500 tomorrow with my husband and his family.  My husband and I aren't die hard racing fans but it's something my husband looks forward to every year, since he's been going now for over 10 years.  I hope the weather is nice.  One year it was so hot we were just dripping sweat!!  I know gross, right?  How does one look stylish when sweaty?  And one year it was sort of stormy!  I'm hoping it's nice enough weather for me to get a tan, and yet be comfortable too!  It's like an all day event!  I don't know what to wear yet either.....obviously nothing fancy, but I don't want to look like a complete bum either! haha I will hopefully have some pictures from the race to share with all of you! 



Anonymous said...

I adore the pixie cut but not everyone can get away with it. I love to cut my hair off but unfortunately my father and bf think they owe the right to my hair ;)
have a wonderful weekend darling.

Dena x

Susi said...

I love this cut - bot just on other girls. No, I am def. not brave enough! ;D

Tell you something weired: Everytime when I'm at the hair dresser they want me to try this pixie look!!! I have thin hair - maybe that's the reason for that. But nooo, I am not brave enough!!! :D

Charlie said...

I know it wouldn´t suit me at all to have short hair, and I just love doing braids and updos and all sorts of things with my hair. So I would and will never try it.

Leia said...

The pixie cut looks great on these ladies but I think it would look terrible on me!

Anonymous said...

haha, here is the inappropriate comment from me...I'm sure you could look pretty stylish sweating... in bed. hahahahaha okay. hopefully that doesn't offend you. I'm totally joking.
And I have done a pixie cut a few times! I went from hair that was past my elbows to a pixie cut and dyed it black blue. I LOVED LOVED LOVED It! And got tons of compliments for it! Since then I have cut is short many times but it's hard to get long again. :( Cuz I'm trying to grow it out. I cried while they cut it the first time. lol But got SO many compliments! It was something I always wanted to do. (And just FYI you are welcome to delete my comment if you want. I won't be offended.) ;)

E said...

I love this look but I definitely think you need a certain facial/head shape to pull it off. My ears stick out too much to try it :-(

Sherin said...

I'm definitely not brave enough to try this. I would love to one day though. I once cut my hair really short: slightly longer than Jessica Stroup, but because my hair is so curly, it didn't really suit me.

Hope you enjoy the Indy 500!

Liya said...

i don't have the balls!
have funnnnnnnnn

Sunaina said...

No don't have the guts and the looks for all of it!

Mrs. April said...

I love love LOVE the pixie haircut. I've thought about it several times (and how could you not?!) but I don't think I'd look that adorable. I have a slim figure and a small chest... I think I'd just look like a little boy. haha. Who knows... maybe one day I'll get so sick of my hair that I'll cut it.

Sher said...

I really love the pixie cut on these beauties! The last time I cut my hair as short as this was when I was 12! I don't think I'll ever be brave enough for it again! Sigh~

Dress Me Dearly said...

I've gotten veeeery close, but never made the full commitment! It's so hard to grow a cut like this out if you decide you wanna go longer again. But damn, it looks cute on these ladies.

Love the blog, come check out mine!


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