Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Rent A SATC Look

Want to wear an item that one of the girls got to wear in SATC 2??  You can!  And for a cheaper cost too! 
RentTheRunway offers actual dresses worn in the movie and other clothes and accessories that suit each girls personal style for rent! 

Like these two dresses that SJP wears in the movie!!  (You can see her wearing it in the picture above!)
 Halston Heritage's Carrie Dress
Rent it : $50
Retail: $325

Or Halston Heritage's Pretty Poncho Dress 
Rent it: $50
Retail: $325

I think for the other girls, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha the dresses and jewelry aren't what they actually wore but something that they would, and that are inspired by those characters.  

Check out the two I like most from Charlotte's selection:
 Herve Leger's
Sailor Bandage Dress
Rent It: $150
 Retail: $1,590!

Moschino Cheap and Chic's
Tuxedo Dress
Rent it: $75
Retail: $750

I really love that tuxedo dress!  It's such a cute back!!

Interested in Samantha?

Try this Alica+Olivia
Asymmetrical One Shoulder Dress with Belt
Rent it: $50
Retail: $395
Or this Nicole Miller
Look At Me Cut Out Dres
Rent It: $50
Retail:  $310
Want to dress like Miranda?
Catherine Malandrino's
Tempest print asymmetric shift
Rent It: $75
 Retail: $695

Mark and James by Badgley Mischka 

Rent it: $50
Retail: $395

So what do you girls think?  Would you rent a dress?  Or would you spend the extra money and just buy it?  How cool would it be to actually wear the same designer dress SJP wore as Carrie in SATC 2!  I think that would be pretty amazing!  Too bad I don't really have a place to wear that poncho dress to!  How about you??
Oh by the way the Indy 500 was fun but super hot!  It was 96 degrees!!  And 130 degrees on the track can you imagine racing in that?!  Oh and there were a lot of celebrities there this year.  Every year there are celebrities there to watch the race, they just vary from year to year.  They usually announce the celebrities at the beginning and some go around in golf carts around the track.  I saw Kim Kardashian from the back, mainly just the back of her head! lol But that counts!  And I also saw Ashley Judd!  She was running across the track after the race to congratulate her husband who had just won!  She was probably about 25 yards away, so that's pretty cool! Mark Walberg was in one of the pacer cars at the beginning of the race.  It's too bad I didn't get any pictures, things happen so fast there it's hard to capture the moment!  
Anyway I hope you girls enjoyed this post, and are having a wonderful day!

pictures: www.RentTheRunway.com/usatoday


Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

RTR Is such a smart biz idea... I rented a Tracy Reese dress for NYE. Loved it! :) I would love to rent the pink asymmetrial Halston...

Ly said...

That´s a nice idea ;D

Sherin said...

Renting a dress is such a good idea. I'd definitely prefer it to buying one.
Glad you had fun. How cool that you saw Kim!

Leia said...

What a cool idea! I'd love to rent some of those pretty dresses!

Sher said...

That's such a great idea! Now we too can wear the fabulous Halston Heritage Carrie dress which is my favourite:)


CC said...

I remember seeing this and being as excited as a five year old in a Wonka factory till my mom took one look at it and went, "No way." -.-
A girl can still dream though, right? ;)
Fab blog! XX

Couture said...

I'm in love with the pink poncho dress! Depending on how many times I would be able/want to wear a particular dress I would buy or rent. If the dress is a piece that I will be wearing multiple times and nog just for one party I would definitely buy it.

LumpexoHoliczka said...

Dear you looks so cute!
i love your pants and pink top:)


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

love it, i'd wear them all!

Heather said...

awww sad about your car :( oh well I guess you will have to start looking for a new one?

pearlslaceandruffles said...

You look great! xo


Jessica said...

Pretty color on you!

(Also, if you're interested, I'm hosting a giveaway for the Sex and the City 2 soundtrack on my blog - stop by!)


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