Thursday, July 01, 2010


I want to first say thank you to all of you girls who left very encouraging and uplifting feedback on my blonde highlights post!!  You all truly made me feel a lot better, and I am very thankful for all of you!  It's nice to know I'm not the only one who feels that way sometimes.   

I really do have some amazing followers! :)

On another note, here's an outfit that I wore the other day to church. 

My hair looks bad in all of these pictures!!  On our way home from church it started storming really bad and we had to hop out of the car in the pouring rain.  We were only outside for a total of like 10 seconds but that was enough to completely drown us!!  So I had to waited out the rain, and then went out and got some photos of my outfit.  I didn't have enough time to redo my hair though, so it was quite frizzy from being pored on in spots and than air drying a bit. You can see my bangs doing something a bit strange looking!! : P

Anyway, hopefully you're able to get past my bad hair (and my neon white legs!!) 
I haven't worn this dress in ages.  I had gotten it from Charlotte Russe a few years back.  It used to be one of my favorites, but for some reason it's just been in the back of my closet for a while now.  I thought it was about time to bring it back out!  It's very girly, and romantic. 

For church I paired it with this sweater from Charlotte Russe........Oh my goodness I just realized something midsentence!  Everything in this outfit is from Charlotte Russe!!  That has never happened before!  Sure I've been decked out in all Forever 21 but never Charlotte Russe!  The dress, the sweater and the heels all Charlotte Russe!

Okay, now that I've gotten past my dorkiness, here is a picture of the dress without the sweater.

Well, I think that's about it for now!  I hope all is well with each and every one of you! 
Oh, and I've recently joined Delance Fashion Community, so be sure to check me out over there. 
Have a wonderful day!


Sherin said...

You look great! That dress is definitely really pretty and girly. And those shoes look fantastic.

I think yuor hair looks great. These bangs definitely suit you a lot.

LumpexoHoliczka said...

Dear, lovely outfit! You looks like a model !

ps. i love your heels

Rhiannon Nicole said...

Oh you look adorable :) I love your bangs! xo

Rachel said...

Tasha, you look absolutely gorgeous! Loving your shoes!

projectvee said...

pretty pretty dress, very sweet and summery :)

E said...

You look so beautiful in those soft layers! Love this look!

Leia said...

that dress is so very very pretty! I love it!

Charlie said...

the dress is so pretty! you look beautiful and sexy in a very classy way, love it!

Anonymous said...

You look beautifull and you are so beautifully slim!

XoXo Louisa

Anonymous said...

You paired the dress really well with that sweater, at first I thought it was all a one piece dress. :D
Very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous dress! I am new to your blog, but I love it already. Great job, please keep it up!

your new follower,

Valerie said...

What a pretty outfit, Tasha! I always love gray and white together and that dress is gorgeous on it's own as well.

Have a great long weekend!

Anonymous said...

That dress is very pretty!

Eat, Sleep, Denim said...

I really love this dress on you, it looks sooo good!
Eat, Sleep, Denim <3

Elaine said...

The dress looks great on you! And I don't think I've ever been decked out all in one brand before :)

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Chasing Cherries said...

Nice heels!


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