Wednesday, July 14, 2010


As you can see I'm lusting after a lot these days!! My favorite is the blue sequined jacket by Diane von Furstenberg, which happens to be the most expensive!!  I would never spend that much money on a jacket.  Would you? 

I also love that heart cut out in that Asos dress!  Super cute!  
Nasty Gal definitely has a lot of great stand out pieces!  
And I can always count on Forever 21 for great stuff!!

What do you girls think about my wishlist?  Eyeing anything??


projectvee said...

adorable picks!
however, i seriously need to be on a shopping ban. haha :P

Naina said...

Love the DVF jacket!

E said...

Man I love that sequined jacket!!

Sherin said...

I love the Nasty Girl clothes: gorgeous stuff. I don't think I could ever spend too much on one piece of clothing though.

sayablack said...

I adore lace top and denim shorts<3


Emilie said...

Great list! Love the jacket ;)

Becky said...

I love that yellow top! Great post! ♥

Same Page Notion

Mary Jane Girl said...

nasty gal has amazing clothes! and of course the dvf sequined jacket is to die for!!!

Anonymous said...

The jacket is really nice! It would really suit you.
And I actually have a simmilair dress with a heart cut out at the back from New Look :-)
xoxo Louisa

Rachel said...

I LOVE that sequin jacket. How fabulous is that?

Sunaina said...

Nice wishlist, I love the asos dress and the lace top is my favorite!
have a nice weekend!

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

I love ANYTHING with cut outs.. dresses, tunics, tanks, pants, love love cut outs!!

Thanks for your comment. I did mention Bloomington =) I am from IN; grew up near Marion and went to school at Purdue. I work in WA and moved here a year ago. I have a 10 month contract, so I spent my two months off with my sweetheart, who goes to school at IU. Now I'm back in WA.
I haven't really come across many blogs from IN either. Many people don't see it as a "fashionable" place I guess. Kudos to you for finding a community (yay blogs) to share your passion with =)

Lucie said...

I love these picks. I havent visited Asos for ages!

Much love x

Fashion-rocks said...

oh I love the forever 21 top and the laced top. great selection

Maubrey said...

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