Sunday, July 11, 2010


 Ok, so I'm not a Jonas Brothers fan or anything like that.  Nothing is wrong with the brothers in my opininon, I just think, at 24 years old, I'm a bit too old to be a fan.....

I am on the other hand quite impressed with this recent Teen Vogue spread of the once "It" couple.  I just like the vintage concept and feel to the photos.

I really love how Demi Lovato's hair looks throughout the shoot!  The volume at the crown looks gorgeous! 


This is my favorite photo from the bunch, below:
I love her outfit! 

What do you girls think.  I know Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato may not be people you normally would think about when thinking of style, but you must admit how great these photos are!!  It's interesting how one can be pleasantly surprised like this!

Have a wonderful day! 


Milana said...

I agree... These two are definitely not someone I admire, but these pictures are really nice!

Milana from FashionStyleAdvice

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey :)

I'm not a fan either, but the shoot is cute enough - I like that it's all soft colours that aren't over powering or too gaudy...just enough for a breeze. Also, I sent you an email with your interview link, which was just posted.

Have a fab day :)

Mimi said...

i love these photos too! they came out really good. :)

<3, Mimi

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Nadine2point0 said...

i have no choice in my home here whether or not I need to know about the latest news re: the JoBros. We have an 11 year-old daughter, although lately she's been talking more about Twilight...that's better for me :)
ANYhow, LOVE this shoot though. It's classic and cute and you are right about her's great.

Leia said...

You're right, I would never look towards this couple for style inspiration, but it's a great shoot! :)

Leia's Delights

Sherin said...

I'm not a huge Jonas Brothers fan either, but have to admit that Joe looks amazing in these pictures. I also absolutely love Demi Lovato's style. She looks stunning, especially in that last picture.

Charlie said...

love her hair!

Valerie said...

Her hair does look fabulous! They look like they could be siblings in these pictures. Hope you had a great weekend.


E said...

The back of that red dress is so stunning!


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