Thursday, August 05, 2010

Inspiration From Street Style!

I was recently checking out and couldn't help but be inspired by some of the outfits in their Street Style Daily section!  It's amazing what these girls can put together and definitely inspiring!  Pieces of clothing and different color combos that I would never have considered putting together, these girls do and pull them off so well! 

I had to share some of my favorites with all of you, and hopefully you find some inspiration from them as well! 

1.       Location: New York
Who: Jessica Hart
What: A rocker tee lights up alongside bright red shorts.
Wear: Vintage t-shirt, American Apparel shorts, Balenciaga bag
Photo: Edward Le Poulin

My Take: I think this girl looks amazing!  She's got the whole rocker look going on and still looks so pretty!  


Location: New York
Who: Tabitha, on 14th Street
What: A leather mini skirt is a must-have seasonless item.
Wear: Forever 21 skirt, top from The Reformation, Miss Sixty shoes, Banana Republic bag
Photo: Courtney D'Alesio

My Take: 

Isn't her outfit so well put together?? I just love every part of this outfit, from the shear arms of the top, to the skirt, and lace up shoes!  She looks fabulous! 


Location: New York

Who: Ashley Smith
What: Show your spots in a leopard print mini dress.
Wear: Joy Rich dress, Levi's vest, Aldo shoes, Ray-Ban sunglasses
Photo: Courtney D'Alesio

My Take: 

I love this girl's long blonde hair!  Makes me miss mine!  What I really love about this outfit it the dress!  Love the bold print! And those sunglasses are great!  

Location: New York
Who: Zinnia Kim
What: Punctuate your outfit with a punch of color in citrus colored shoes.
Wear: Dress from, Forever 21 sweater, Christian Louboutin shoes, Louis Vuitton bag
Photo: Courtney D'Alesio

My Take: 

I just love the pop pf color in this outfit!  I wouldn't have thought to pair blue and yellow together like this, but the bright hues look lovely together!  She looks stunning!  

Location: New York
Who: Briana Rasinski
What: Cropped light wash jeans are a must for easy summer style.
Wear: Calypso top, J.Brand jeans, Alexander Wang shoes, Le-Sands bag
Photo:  Courtney D'Alesio 

My Take:
I really love her skinny jeans!  They look really flattering paired with those Alexander Wang heels!!  She looks semi casual but very chic!  


            New York

            What: Shades of cream make a sweet combination.
            Photo: Kelly Stuart

            My Take:

            I love the layering this girl has done!  The soft shades of             cream look so gorgeous!  Very girlie and perfect for fall!              Staying warm without the appearing bulky! 

What do you girls think about these fashionable ladies??  Are you liking their style?  What's your favorite outfit?  Would you try any of these looks out yourself?  Maybe put your own spin on it?

I definitely feel inspired to create new looks and try something new!  Hopefully I can be just as creative as these lovely girls!

I hope you are having a wonderful day!  

pictures and information on what the girls are wearing from ELLE


Jen said...

I really love the outfit Zinnia Kim is wearing! The color combinations are lovely!

Carrie said...

my fave would be the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th one. they're definitely my style!

Couture said...

What a lovely selection!

style'n said...

LOve Zinnia and kelly's looks!

LumpexoHoliczka said...

Dear, very inspiring post!!!
i love it:D


Sherin said...

I love looking at street style. It's always so inspiring. The first girl is definitely going in my inspirations folder. She just looks so cool and her t-shirt is amazing.

Anonymous said...

I'm really digging outfits 1,2,3, and 4!


cute post girly!

Chene W. said...

I love Tabitha's outfit--- I need that skirt like now!

Miranda Mu said...

i love these!!! thanks for sharing ahha street style is always so fun to look at

Maubrey said...

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Mimi said...

these ladies are so stylish! i love the third one and the ones that follow it because those are the ones i would definitely wear. :)

<3, Mimi

Rachel said...

I love all of these outfits! They're quite fabulous ladies!

Leia said...

These girls are all amazing! But Tasha this is really bad, you are making me want to go shopping :P for a leather full skirt, a leopard print dress, and lots and lots of cream items! Haha!


Anonymous said...

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E said...

Gosh I just love Tabitha's look!

Silkybow said...

ooh I like your little comments about each outfit... I really love street style.


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