Saturday, August 14, 2010

Topshop Dresses

Lusting after dresses on Topshop!  I wish I had a Topshop around here!  You girls that do have one near, are very lucky!  

Diagonal Stripe Dress 
I love the print on this, as well as the zipper all the way down the middle!  Different from anything I have! 

Broderie Print Corset Dress
Girlie and cute!  Love the corset top part of it! 

Stud Tie Dress by Rare
I love the pockets on this dress as well as the print and shape! 

Belted Dress by Yuki
Doesn't this dress look so comfy?  Just like you're wearing a big t-shirt, but yet stylish! 

What do you girls think?  Would you wear any of these dresses??  Which one catches your eye?  Have you bought anything from Topshop before?? It kind of surprises me that the last dress is the most expensive one from the bunch.  It's more casual looking, but yet pricier!  Strange!

Anyway, what are you girls lusting after these days??  Have you made any big purchases??

I hope you all have a lovely day!


Nadine2point0 said...

Haven't done topshop before - I like the first but it would look horrible on me I think...actually I could picture it with leggins and flats and some other accent colour. Not neon. I'm seeing it everywhere here in Toronto.

Jen said...

Ohhhh yes, I love the print on the first dress! I used to have a black dress with a zipper all the way down the middle when I was a young teenager. I remember enjoying wearing it!

I really love the floral dresses too! I wish I had money to buy more dresses like these before the Summer ends.

Sherin said...

Topshop do some great clothes and these dresses are lovely. I love the third one. Don't worry about not having a topshop nearby: they're prices are ridiculously high; I've never bought anything from there because of that.

Leia said...

Really cute dresses! The second one is my favorite. I have been visiting Topshop since I was a kid but to be honest it's not my favorite shop - it's always over-crowded, as Sherin said the prices are ridiculously high, and the quality of clothes isn't really great :(


Kate said...

I miss that store so much! They always had the cutest dresses!

Anonymous said...

I never have been to that store... The second dress is way cute.

Sunaina said...

I too wish we had Topshop around here!

love that corset dress!

Jolie said...

I love topshop, but Im really reluctant to buy from because of the price!
Cute choices though! Im really loving lace lately!

style'n said...

beautiful simple outfit!

Rachel said...

I wish I had a Topshop nearby. That would be amazing. But for now, I'll have to stick with ordering online! :(
I love that Broderie Print Corset Dress. It's so pretty and girly!


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