Sunday, September 19, 2010

Outfit: A Touch of Zebra

Hello my amazing readers!  I hope all is well with each and every one of you!  I thought I'd share an outfit I wore the other day.  It was cool enough that I was able to break out my black blazer that I got for Christmas this last year.  I like it better with the sleeves rolled up a bit, and that suited the weather better anyway.

I actually wore flats!  I know, surprising right??  Since I'm only 5'3 I like to wear heels as much as possible, but for some reason here lately, I've been reaching for these flats that I got last year from Payless!  I think they add a fun touch to any simple colored outfit...

What do you think?

I like the zebra print with a touch of pink! And they are so much more comfortable than my normal heels!

Those of you that are short like me, do you ever wear flats?  Or do you prefer heels?  I'd love to know!

I also wore my hair is a mini ponytail, which I don't think I do often for outfit posts.  What do you think?  Does it look ok with my hair pulled back?

I like that my hair is starting to grow out a little bit since I got it cut.  I'm adjusting to it more this way.  But yet I know it will take forever to grow back to the length it was before....

Also, on a completely different note, my husband and I were stuck behind a train waiting for about 10 minutes with no one behind us, so we hopped out of the car to take this last picture! lol I thought it was kind of funny!  Thankfully no one pulled up!  Might have been kind of embarrassing! I do like how it turned out though!

I hope you girls are having a lovely weekend!!

Black Blazer: Max Azria and Miley Cryus
Black tank: Charlotte Russe
Denim Leggings: LC Lauren Conrad Collection
Zebra flats: Payless


projectvee said...

your flats are super cute! definitely adds a special touch to any outfit :)

Paula said...

here is so many inspirations!

have a nice time!

Jen said...

I honestly think I've seen those shoes before! Zebra print with pink is a darling combination! You look so cute!

Mimi said...

i am only 5'2'' but i actually like wearing flats. but i guess that's because i just recently started wearing heels. :)

love your ballet flats, btw!

<3, Mimi

Sherin said...

I like the black blazer. I think I need to invest in one as well. And the flats are adorable. I prefer heels as well, but I'm in flats otday as well as I've been in heels constantly for the last few days.

Anonymous said...

You look really nice Tasha! The flats are cute and the ponytail really looks good on you!
I don't think you should bother to much about not being so tall. It suits you!

Leia said...

The flats are so cute! I'm 5'4" but I wear flats most of the time, my feet just hate heels even though I love the way they look :)


Gairah Love said...

So cute, i follow you !

Whitters said...

cute :) i'm only 5'3" i wear heels when i'm "out" for sure...but at work, i wear flats or my feet swell up! oww.

The Owl's Closet said...

Love ur casual outfit, Tasha:) I'm just under 5'3" and I definitely like to mix it up with flats, too! I love heels, but I can't wear them all the time unless they're unbelievably comfy lol I think u look great either way...both w/ur hair pulled back and down:) Love the spontaneous pic of the train, too! LOL you guys are too cute!

Cristiana.C said...

Zebra! I love it.
I like your blog!
We could be followers each other, what do you think?

Jen said...

No way, those flats are from Payless?? I want a pair!! Did you get them this season??

Happy Wednesday Dear! xo

Rachel said...

So cute!! I love the zebra flats!


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