Thursday, December 02, 2010

Holiday Tea

As promised, here are pictures of my tea table at the holiday tea.  Most of you know I went with a candy cane themed table. 

Take a look:

Looking back on the pictures, it may look like there's a lot going on, on the table, but there's just a lot you have to have inorder to serve.  Like waterglasses, plates, tea cups, and saucers, favors, silverware, cloth napkins, and all for 8 people.  As well as, your centerpiece, teapot, water pitcher, basket for scones, two bowls, one for lemon curd and one for devon cream, and plate for cookies.

The little goodie bags on the plates are filled of peppermint candies, like candy canes, mini and normal sized, candy cane hershey kisses, peppermint puffs, etc.  The peppermint lollipop looking thing in each teacup was also part of the favors I chose, it's a peppermint bath fizz!  Cute, right?

Here you can kind of see how many tables are set up in the church.  This was the night before so that's why there's no people.  We had a total of 76 tables of 8 women!  That totaling 608 women in attendance this year plus other volunteers behind the scenes! 


Here's the stage area set up.  I love the wintery tree decor! 


My table was front row and right in the middle!  Great view!  Last year I was in the very back!

Here's the day of, starting to fill my table with the supplied treats!
Scones, ranging from flavors of pumpkin, blueberry, cinnamon, cherry vanilla, to the nutty ones (for which I must avoid) like the orange pecan, cherry almond, and many others!  The lady who makes these is a baking genuis! 


Don't forget the amazing lemon curd and devon cream! 
 Love them both!


Then we've got the array of tasty cookies and bars, with unlimited refills!  And tea of course!

My table starting to fill up:

My mom and I


My best friend, Kim and I
(I look funny in this one!)


And now I thought I'd show you just a few of some of the other tables!  These ladies are just so talented!

Aren't some of these just gorgeous!  I really loved a lot of the deep purple tables!  So stunning!  One table even had a revolving grinch!  So creative!

Any favorites you like??
I hope you have a wonderful day!


Roxy Te said...

What a fabulous tea party!! I've never been to a a tea party, but I imagine it's just my "Cup of Te" ;)

ana said...

gorgeous tables!!!

Charlie, Feminine Bravery said...

lovely! I like the purple ones, too ^^

xxx Charlie
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Tariro said...

WOW!! Its gorgeous!

Jen said...

Oh my gosh! You did such a lovely job! Everything looks so festive and professional.

Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

What fun and such lovely tablescapes for the tea the peppermint theme of yours!

Liesl :)

Leia said...

Your table looks great! In fact all the tables are really stunning! :D


LahTeaDah said...

This all looked so fabulous! I want to attend something like that! What a cool idea...

And seriously - Im telling you now, you would never have been able to pull me away from the Devon Cream FAST ENOUGH!!! Ha Ha Ha


Yours Truly

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Sherin said...

Sounds like the Holiday Tea went really well. Your table looks so pretty and festive. The peppermint bath fizz is definitely really cute.

All the table look really good as well. It must have been such a fun event!

minnja said...

Beautiful :))))


Whitters said...

wonderful! :) your table looks fantastic!

A La Mode et Plus! said...

Wow your table is perfection!! Love your dress/blouse (?) too!

Rachel said...

The table settings look absolutely spectacular! I love it!

Sunaina said...

omg those decorations are beautiful and the food looks soo good!!

Marie said...

I am loving your tea table, so red and festive!:D

***** Marie *****


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