Saturday, December 04, 2010

The Tree, The Cat, and The Outfit

I hope you're having a good weekend!  I thought I'd share an outfit from the other day with you!  Thanksgiving night we actually starting putting up our Christmas tree!  And when I say we, my husband, Tim just assembled it, and then I had to decorate it! :) 

I'm not quite sure what that white dot is on my jeans in the 1st photo, maybe just something on the lens?
Anyway, I wore this outfit to church on Sunday.

With the lighting here, the tree doesn't look all that spectacular, but trust me, it looks good when the lighting is dimmer and it glows!  I use Martha Stewart shatterproof sparkly bulbs, and than hang a few other random ornaments my husband and I have received over the years. 

Thankfully the main bulbs are shatterproof, because are cat is loving knocking down the round bulbs and basically playing soccer with them!  It's our first year with her for the holidays so it's been an experience!  hehehe  It's hard to be really mad at such a cute little thing!

I searched online for helpful tips on keeping your cats away from the tree, and from what I gathered, either buying bitter apple spray at your local pet store, or placing orange peels all around the base of the tree works best.  I guess cats absolutely hate the smell of bitter apples and don't enjoy the citrus smell of oranges very much either.  Who knew?!  So here this week, my husband and I will buy some of the bitter apple spray and see if that works!

I tried to Macgyver it, and I sprayed the tree a bit with my be delicious apple perfume, but all it did was have my tree smell delicious! 
Not keep my cat away, I guess it really has to be bitter! :)

Any pet problems for you? 
Have you set up any Christmas decorations yet??

Pink cardigan: Target
Black ruffled top: Gordmon's
Skinny Jeans: F21
Gray ankle booties: Colin Stuart (courtesy
earrings: F21


Roxy Te said...

Cute tree, hot shoes!

Nicoline said...

Love your blog! Please visit or follow my blog!

Sherin said...

The tree looks so stunning. I love watching how others decorate their trees!
And your shoes look so lovely.

Anonymous said...

The pink cardigan looks so nice on you!! And I love your Christmas tree. I am going to buy one this week as well :-)

Xoxo Louisa

Jen said...

The tree is gorgeous! I'm sorry your cat likes it to so much.

Your pink cardigan is so adorable!

A La Mode et Plus! said...

Oh very cute outfit and I love your tree!

Leia said...

What a pretty tree! Hope you find a way to keep the cat away!


Rachel said...

Love the tree and your outfit!
No pet problems here. My dog never messes with the tree, fortunately. :P
I have all my decorations up though. Got a tree in my living room, a little one in my bedroom, lights on the house, and a tree at work!

Sunaina said...

Nice big tree! Haven't got the time yet to put up our tree but will do that soon! happy thursday xx

E said...

Oh I love your gorgeous tree! Yours it much bigger than our little tree. Love how you decorated it, too!

Jade Summer said...

I love this chrismas tree. Well presented. I'm often amazed by how much you arrange each ornaments. This looks like my parents christmas tree in our house.


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