Saturday, January 08, 2011

Here Comes The Bride!

No, not me!  Been there girls, done that, and I'm set for life! :)  I have been captivated by pictures lately though.  I love feeling inspired by beautiful things.  And these photos I'm about to show you, definitely qualify as beautiful.  If you're lucky enough to get married in this new year, or have hopes for the future, or are already somebody's wife but still enjoy looking at wedding things from time to time, you will enjoy looking at this stunning editorial for Brides Magazine, starring Valerya, captured by Amber Gray and styled by Rachel Leonard.  Take a look:

Isn't the lighting throughout just breathtaking?  The makeup is done so beautifully and the gowns are beyond amazing! I think my favorite from the bunch, is the 3rd photo!  What about you?  Any favorites?  What do you think about these pictures?  Are any of you planning on a wedding this year?  If you could have your dream wedding, would you go all out or is a simpler and smaller wedding more your style?  Would you want to look enchanting?? 

I had a full puffy, completely strapless, princess-esque type wedding dress, and I loved every part of it!! 
What's your wedding style?



projectvee said...

haha, a wedding is soo far away for me! but it's one of those things that every girl dreams about :) these are lovely.

Louisa said...

That is so beautiful! I am so looking forwards to my wedding :-) Won't be in 2011 though..
xoxo Louisa

Mimi said...

i love looking at wedding-related photos! i love how whimsical these are. :)

when i get married (in the far future, haha), i would love to have a simple celebration with just my family and closest friends. :)

<3, Mimi

Leia said...

These pictures are just breathtaking! On my wedding I hope to wear my great grandmother's gold lehenga :)

K & J said...

I like the last photo. I'm not getting married anytime soon but when I do I want something small and intimate. Just close friends and family. Living in Mass I would like to do summer wedding somewhere on the beach in Cape Cod.
Lovely pictures :) Kara XOXO

Sherin said...

I love this wedding inspiration. Although I still have ages until I get married, my aunt's just gotten engaged, so we're all looking for dresses and ideas.
The lighting really is beautiful in these pictures. The one with the cake is my favourite.

Whitters said...

sooo lovely :)

A La Mode et Plus! said...

I always love looking at wedding gowns. I honestly don't know what my style will be! I will just have to wait and see what I gravitate towards when that day comes.


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