Monday, January 10, 2011


 How's your Monday going girls??  Is it off to a slow start like mine??  Nobody likes Mondays all that much, do they??  I hope your weekend went well at least!  Mine was rather good.  So I've kind of mentioned my New Year's resolutions here and there throughout posts, but I'd thought I would put them all together:

photo credit
2011 New Year's Resolutions:

(something I always try to do, but it's still a continuous thing, it's hard to stay on track all the time)

Less technology, technology is a good thing, don't get me wrong, but sometimes I wonder about how we get so caught up with technology, that we don't enjoy the world that's around us, and the beauty of simplistic things.  So goal: To live simpler, and enjoy more.

(learn to love the good and the bad both, tricky to do, huh?)

Have you girls started any New Year's resolutions?  If so, how are they going?  Sometimes it's easy to give up, but stay strong, you can really do it! :)

On another note, look how gorgeous these girls look even in snow flurries!!  Models, of course.....
I'm hooked on FashionGoneRogue!  Such an amazing and inspirational website!

Pictures from Chasing Wolves by Harper Smith for Factory Magazine.  For more from this photo shoot, click here.

Have a happy Monday!


A La Mode et Plus! said...

All great goals! I especially love number 3, and hope to work on that myself as well.

Sherin said...

I need to eat healthier as well. I realised that I eat far too many chocolates in a fay, so my aim is to eat less.
And I love your third goal as well.

The pictures are so pretty. I wish I could look that good when it snows here.

projectvee said...

great resolutions! definitely applicable to me as well :)

Blicious said...

happy monday to you too!! great post!


Alysia Pollock said...

great resolutions! mine are very similar. :)

K & J said...

Happy Monday to you to. Since I'm on break from school & work (I work at school) Monday's are fine. Once I go back in 2 weeks is when they go downhill :(
Anyway great resolutions and hope you had a great day. Kara XOXO

Leia said...

Those resolutions are similar to mine. Good luck with them!


Louisa said...

Dear Tasha,
I love your 3rd resolution, but I think it is not something you should worry about to much: the strangest thing is that acceptance comes with the years (while we are getting more and more wrinkels and all sorts of "deficiencies" which come with ageing) :-)
Xoxo Louisa

I.B.G. said...

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Rachel said...

Okay, I have to say I love that photo of Stephanie, Lauren and Lo. They look gorgeous!!

Good luck sticking to your resolutions! I know you can do it! :)


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