Saturday, January 29, 2011

Outfit Post: The Floral Print

Hey girls!  How's your weekend going so far?  Hopefully all is well amongst everyone!  It's been one of those weeks.....exhausting and tough,  Monday is kind of the "finale" of what my family is going through.  Hoping for a good outcome, praying for one.  I'm honestly not sure what we going to hear, or find out.  So without completely depressing everyone, I won't go on about the subject.  

I do want to, however, thank all of you fabulous and thoughtful bloggers that have sent my family and I well wishes and prayed!!  Your kind words and sweet hearts are such a blessing, and you make blogging so worth it! Thank you!

Here's, I think, the last outfit post from the cruise:

I look so pale in this photo!!  And I'm pretty self-conscious about my forehead (most of you know this already).  I usually don't pin my side bangs back, but my poor side bangs were having one of those off days!  : P You ever have those?

Anyway, this was another great find at Forever 21, the dress, I mean!  I was so fortunate that a couple days before leaving for the vacation, Forever 21 had some great dresses for exactly what I needed! I wore casual clothes during the day when we hopped around Mexico and were lounging around the ship, but at night I needed some cute dresses to wear to a nicer style dinner!  
 The dinners were amazing!  All the meals were, but the dinners were my favorite.  You're in a formal setting, you choose your appetizer, your main course, and your dessert.  (Already included in your purchase of the cruise ticket).  If you want you can choose more than one item in each category......Which is what a lot of us ended up doing from the 2nd night on.  It was way to hard to decide which ones to choose,  everything sounded so good, and for me it was my first time off my healthy lifestyle, so I was in heaven! 
 I knew going into this vacation, I wasn't going to refuse myself in partaking in the amazing meals like everybody else.

Oh, how freeing it was!

So most nights, I chose two appetizers, one main course, and two desserts!  The appetizers and desserts aren't huge portions, so don't completely think I'm a pig! lol  I enjoyed every minute of it!  Thankfully my scale battery had died right before leaving for the cruise, so I didin't have to come back to weighing in and most likely seeing a number I wasn't happy with!  And you know, I haven't replaced the battery yet........

But I have gotten back to eating better.  It's nice to have times like that though, isn't it?  And plus I got to try foods I wouldn't have normally gotten the chance to, around here anyway.  And a lot of my entrees had grilled veggies in it, so not all so bad.......But the desserts, however, sweet decadence! 

Floral Print Dress: F21
Blue 3/4 sleeve Cardigan:  Merona (Target)
Black Heels: Simply Vera by Vera Wang
Clutch: Chanel

Do you ever indulge?
Are you a healthy eater naturally?
Have a big sweet tooth like me?

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts!  
Have a good weekend girls!


Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

Super cute dress and I am loving your cardigan too!

Liesl :)

Mimi said...

Unfortunately i indulge quite a bit...but i do eat lots of healthy things as well...

Your cruise wear is so cute! You look rested and happy! Glad you had fun and best wishes for your family:)

Aesthetic Lounge

Leia said...

Hi Tasha! I finally have time to leave you a long comment on your blog :D I've been reading regularly but haven't had much time to post my actual thoughts! So here we go...

- My heart really goes out to you and your family. I hope you all stay strong, and I pray that the outcome is a happy one.

- You look beautiful! I know we are all self-conscious about certain parts of our bodies (mine is my stomach). I think there's nothing wrong with your forehead at all! And that dress is so pretty. I'm glad you enjoyed the cruies so much.

- I'm a healthy eater too, as you know, but I totally believe that you should give yourself a break and indulge once in a while. Sweet treats are my weakness too. I try to cut sugar out 100%, and opt for natural sweeteners such as maple syrup (high in calories but much kinder to your body), but when caramel ice cream or chocolate is placed in front of me it's so hard to resist! One major thing I've managed to do is have tea without sugar (a few years ago I used to put 3-4 tsp of sugar in my tea!) I never thought I could go without it at all but now I can. So I think you need to pat yourself on the back for the accomplishments you've made and give yourself rewards once in a while :) Oh, and the best thing I did was to stop weighing myself on the scale! I now go by how my clothes fit and feel, and I ignore the scale completely. I'm so much happier now!

Big hugs Tasha!


Sherin said...

I hope Monday's outcome will be a good one!! My thoughts are with your family.

That's a beautiful outfit! The dress is gorgeous! The colour really looks nice on you. Absolutely love your shoes.

The great thing about holiday's is that you can be more lenient with your diet and have fun with food!

Danielle said...

Super cute dress, you look lovely! Isn't Forever 21 just brilliant for everything!


K & J said...

All in all you wore some beautiful outfits on your cruise. I love everything shared with us readers :)
I hope everything works out well for you and your family. You'll be in my thoughts. Kara XOXO

Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

P.S. I passed the" 7 Facts Award" onto you because I simply love your blog and would love to learn more! :)

Liesl :)

Emily said...

Love your blog -- so glad I stumbled across it! And your dress is adorable!!!

Valerie said...

I'm sorry to hear you and your family are going through a hard time. Hoping and praying that the outcome is good and things will get better from here.

Your dress is adorable and the cruise sounds fabulous! I indulge quite a bit, actually. I go in healthier phases and then in naughtier phases and I've been in a bad one lately. I'm trying to get back on track this week, but I agree that it's so liberating to indulge!


Lucie said...

Thanks so much Tasha! Your comment made me smile =]

And im loving your dress! Ive been on the F21 website a few times since they launched shipping the the UK, but have never seen anything as nice as this - love it!


Blicious said...

love your dress!


A La Mode et Plus! said...

Very pretty dress! You found some great items for your cruise :)Good luck with the outcome of family stuff and yes I totally have a major sweet tooth!

Rachel said...

I hope everything gets better for you and your family. Stay strong and think positive!

You look so pretty in that photo, Tasha! I adore the dress. It's such a great find!

And don't worry, I think we should all indulge from time to time! Nothing wrong with that! :)

Sunaina said...

I love florals even more!


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