Thursday, January 27, 2011

Outfit Post: LBD!

How's your Thursday going so far?  Any exciting news to share?  I'm trying to think if I really have anything myself, besides a simple outfit post.  Hmmm.... I guess I will just begin with the outfit post, and see what comes to mind afterwards! hehe :)

This outfit, is another dress I bought for the cruise.  It's my first LBD!!  Which is very exciting!
Sadly the pictures do not do it justice!  We didn't have much time to take pictures because we were hurrying of to dinner, so we only took a couple of shots, which I don't think are all that flattering but I want to share this dress with you so badly, so bare with me!

 I think I look very chubby in the face in these photos!  Eeek!! Oh, it's hard too not find the bad in our own least, I don't think I'm the only one who does this to themselves...

 I love how the top layer is like a sheer cover up.  It is part of the dress and attached.  The beading on the sleeves adds a special touch.  My favorite thing, is the slit in the back, that shows off just a bit of my back without showing off too much.  Things like that, are what I prefer for days when I want to look extra special.....  
I never want to be revealing, just a hint of the back, or a bare shoulder, oh you know what I mean.....
I hope? :)

 I specifically bought this ring in firstly to go with this dress, but it ended up going well with a lot of my outfits!  It's nice to get more use of it!  Since being back home, I've been adding it to a lot of my more casual outfits too, just to add the extra punch!

Dress & ring: F21
Black Heels: Simply Vera by Vera Wang
Clutch:  Chanel  (really my new wallet, that I used for a clutch at every dinner on the cruise! Given to me by my sweet husband!  I've just realized I haven't shared that with you yet!  I will get a better picture of that soon! )

What do you girls wear when you want to look extra special?  
Do you reveal without revealing too much?
Do you own a version of the infamous LBD?


Jenmarie said...

You look so lovely and chic in this dress!

Lumpexoholiczka said...

stunning black dress!!!:)
i love it:)


A La Mode et Plus! said...

Girl you look gorgeous! I always think I look worse in my photos than I actually do, too. It is human nature. But don't worry you are rocking this LBD. I love the back of it, too. And I can't wait to see your new Chanel wallet :)

Mimi said...

i think it's a lovely LBD! :D

<3, Mimi

Noortje Lueb said...

pretty dress! xo

Leia said...

You look so beautiful in this dress and I don't think your face looks chubby at ALL! Please show us a close-up of the wallet/clutch. Your husband is so sweet :)


Sherin said...

That's a perfect LBD. You look great in it. The sheer cover up gives it an added elegance and looks beautiful.

I think statement rings really add a special look. Your ring is gorgeous.

Couture said...

You look so gorgeous in this dress!

Annie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that your hubby got you a Chanel clutch!
I just got a few cocktail rings! I love them! Do you mind me asking, how much yours from F21 cost? I am always curious how much people are paying for jewelry.

Your LBD looks perfect on you!
You look extremely glamorous!

Thanks for sharing!!! LOVED LOVE LOVED THIS post! Lately I have been loving all your posts!

Ana said...

This dress is really beautiful! You look great in it! The slit in the back and the beading on the sleeves are the loveliest touches.

K & J said...

LOVE the dress and your face does not look chubby at all. You look amazing :) Kara XOXO

Neekoh said...

That is one beautiful dress! I love the sheerness!


Rachel said...

LOVE this dress and the ring!! I especially love the back of the dress!

Sunaina said...

That is a gorgeous LBD!


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