Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Sweater Weather

Hello Girls!  I hope everyone has been having a fabulous week so far!  I have pictures to share with you from the vacation but I'm going to save that for another day.  Today I would like to get back to fashion!  This is indeed a fashion blog! Sometimes I get a little distracted! :)

Now, I don't know about you, but here in Indiana, the weather is bitter cold!  All I can think about is being bundled up in a warm sweater!  I'd like it even more if I never had to go outside this winter, and could just stay in curled up in a bulky sweater, with a good book, and a hot drink, like hot chocolate, apple cider, coffee, tea, pretty much anything hot at this point will do!  Doesn't that just sound lovely??  Sadly, work and life in general doesn't allow that, but a girl can dream anyway!

And although, I've gone on a shopping ban in the new year, I can still look at all the amazing comfy sweater options out there, and maybe help you girls find something you like!  So here it goes.  I've broken sweaters, for this time of year, into 3 categories

The first one being:

Oh I would love to be wrapped up in any of these right now!  My favorites are the center three, the light cream colored Natural Aran cardigan, the MyShape- Karen Kane-Sequined-Dolman-Sleeve Cardigan, and the Strickjacke, which is the one with the bow!  Aren't those amazing??!

Which ones are you eyeing?

Onto category #2:

Taylor Swift has been seen sporting cute sweaters with fun bold prints on them!  I love the ones with the bows, as well as the Karl Lagerfield sweaters!  How fun!  Also the leopard print ones look so cute and comfy!  They would look great paired with leggings or tights, as well as skinny jeans!

The Last category, #3:
I just love Blake Lively's twelfth Street By Cynthia Vincent Blanket Sweater!  I wouldn't mind wearing a "blanket" out in the cold, if it looked as stylish as that!  These, almost like tribal printed, knitted sweaters are everywhere this season, so be sure to find one that suits your style! 

So girls, will you be shopping for any sweaters that fall into these categories?  Anyone in particular catch your attention??  What have you been doing to get by during this dreadful weather??

Anyway, have a wonderful afternoon!!!


Louisa said...

Hi Tasha,
I love those last knitted sweaters with prints and definitely need one, since wheater in Europe is also extremely cold! However, I am also trying to cut back on spending so much on clothes!
Am very curious about your holiday pictures!

Natalie said...

Loving these! The patterned ones are amazing.

Sherin said...

It's really cold here too! I've been living in hoodies these last few days. But nothing compares to the cuteness of a cardi. I love comfy, knitted ones. They're perfect.

Jessica said...

I'm a huge fan of cozy cardigans over cute little dresses this winter.

The Little Dust Princess said...

I love the cardigans and the bold print sweaters you posted! I'm not a fan of the last set because I don't think I can pull those patterns off. :P

xx The Little Dust Princess

projectvee said...

i've been buying way too many sweaters lately - i can't help myself :) they're just so comfy and warm, haha. these are great picks!


Nadine2point0 said...

Great choices here!
Happy New year from one sweater-girl to another!

cherie said...

Lovin you every post. :) check out my blog for your award. :) here's the link dear. http://cheriesantos.blogspot.com/2011/01/my-first-lovely-award-for-2011.html

Taryn said...

I'm a sucker for all three types of sweaters, and this year my collection has definitely grown. I've had my best success finding super comfy ones at thrift stores lately :) lovely picks for each collection!

Leia said...

Cardigans are my favorite because you can take them off when it gets too hot! Hope you're staying warm Tasha :)


Anonymous said...

I love EVERY SINGLE THING you posted! Not even exaggerating a little! Wow. This is like my favorite post in a while. I bet I will come back just to look at the beauty of those sweaters!

For christmas I got two cardigans. I have very few....but now I am wanting a cute print one. :)

So Glad you are back!

Rachel said...

I absolutely love cardigans. I swear, every time I go shopping I end up with a new cardigan. Lol. I think I have an addiction?? :P

I definitely need to get a cool graphic sweater though. The Wildfox ones are so cute!


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