Sunday, February 06, 2011

Outfit Post: All About the Hair

Hello girls!  

How is your Sunday going so far?  I hope all is well, and that the weather isn't so bad where you live!  We just got back from church. It was a good service.  I've got a couple of photos to share with you.  The other day my husband and I were going out with some friends for dinner, and I thought it would be fun to take the time to do more with my hair then just blow dry and straighten, so I brought out the rarely used curling iron!! 

Ta da!

I'm wearing red lipstick too!  Which never happens....well hardly anyway....I applied bath and body work's red velvet cake lipgloss over the lipstick too.  Which resulted in a look that I preferred.  

Most of you have seen this outfit before, so nothing that exciting, but I do offer something new in the photo famous white socks!  :)  We were in such a hurry to run out the door, I didn't even think about putting on my boots before taking the photos!

So what to you think? 
Is curled hair a do?  
Or a don't?
Does it look too little bo peepish? lol

It does take a while to completely curl my hair, so that's why I hardly ever do it.  I never have the time!  How about you?  Do you just do the same everyday routine like me?  And then every once in a while, spice things up with a new hair-do? 

Top:  LC Lauren Conrad (Kohl's)
Black Belt: LC Lauren Conrad (Kohl's and from a dress)
Skinny Jeans: F21

Anything exciting happen this weekend?  Any fun events you got to attend?  Are you going to be watching the big game today?  The Superbowl!  Unfortunately my husband's team, The Bears, lost against Green Bay Packers, to determine which team would be going to the Superbowl!  So close!  We don't really have a team we are rooting for now.  But it's always fun to watch and see the commercials.  Plus my dad and two brothers will be coming over to watch the big game later on today.  That's about all we have planned. 
Anyway, I hope you enjoy whatever you decide to do with your Sunday!


Cheyne said...

Aw, your hair is so gorgeous. I have naturally straight hair, and while some may think this is ideal, it's awful! Because I can't do anything else with it. It curls beautifully, but the curls fall out literately seconds after removing the iron. Bobby pins and barrettes slide out of my thin locks and hairspray practically falls off each strand. I wish I could have lovely bouncy curls like you hair, I'm so jealous!

Tariro said...

I LOVEEEE your hair!

K & J said...

I LOVE your hair. Definitely a "Do"!!! Love how your lips look to. Gorgeous.
I watched the Superbowl with some college friends. Being Patriots fans we were cheering for the Packers because the Steelers have been one of our main rivals over the last 10 years. Plus we don't want them matching the 3 Superbowl win total we've had since 2000.

Hope you had a wonderful day... Kara XOXO

Sherin said...

I love your hair! The curls look so good. You should defintiely wear it like that more often. I have curly hair, so when I want to spend a bit more time on it, I'll straighten it.

And I really love your top! Looks so pretty.

herwaisechoice said...

The curls are pretty (I love ringlets even though I know what you mean by people thinking it looks Little Bo Peepish)... I would maybe run my fingers through my hair afterward to soften it up a bit. But it looks gorgeous and the colour is amazing!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Leia said...

Your hair looks so pretty like this!


Louisa said...

I love your hair!! You should do it more often! My hair is to long and straight to curl it (it will only last an hour or so).
No Superbowl Sunday for me in Europe ;-)

Nayantara Sam said...

Loving it! A definite do :) You're so lucky because you've got like the perfect face structure so you can pull anything off, straight or curly! Awesome blog! Please follow me :D

Sunaina said...

Definitely a DO!!! Looks lovely!

Valerie said...

Your hair looks so pretty curly! I love the entire look.


Lucie said...

Tasha - these ringlets suit you down to the ground! Now I wished I had long hair rather than short. And as always your outfit is gorgeous =]


A La Mode et Plus! said...

Your hair looks amazing! I love the curls. I also do the same thing every day (wash and dry) with my hair and wish I had the time (or patience) to test some new dos. Love the top, once again.


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