Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Gold Star Was Born

So I recently came across these photos from Kate Moss's 34th birthday celebration.  I guess it was back in 2008.  I had no idea she was 37 this year, did any of you??  It's the first time I'm seeing these photos. 

I absolutely love the funky gold star over her right eye!  I'm sure I couldn't pull it off, but I certainly think it looks amazing and fun on Kate!  She's also wearing a star-printed Chanel number, that looks stunning, doesn't it?  

When reading about her birthday I came across an article saying how she planned on partying for 34 hours straight, one hour for every year of her life!  Can you imagine!  From what I gathered she only made it to 18 straight hours of partying!  Do you think you could even last that long?  I really doubt I could!  I get exhausted after like maybe 6 hours of shopping, let alone actually full out partying like I'm sure she did!  Besides I'm not a big "party animal" anyway. lol 

Have any of you seen these amazing photos before?  
Would you ever down a gold star?  
What would be your ideal birthday bash??

pictures: www.splashnews.com and www.bing.com


annie said...

That is really funny she wanted to party for 34 hours.

E said...

SO David Bowie! I love it!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Maybe on Halloween hehe! It's cute though! I didn't realize she's that age either, she's aged well considering...

Mimi said...

i think it's cute! i like it better on her than on ke$ha. ;)

<3, Mimi

Leia said...

34 hours of partying?! There's no way I could handle anything close to that, haha! Recently I was at a party that lasted 5 hours (well, it lasted longer for people who stayed past 2 am) and I was just exhausted all weekend, LOL. Not much of a party animal, am I?!

I like her gold star and her dress :)


Sherin said...

Wow, she's definitely aged well! I love the gold star. She's definitely rocking it.

Ahh, I don't think I could have even lasted 18 hours, let alone 34!! I think 10 would be my limit, and even then I'd probably be sitting, sleeping for the last few, lol.

Sunaina said...

I didn't know either!

She looks great and I like the golden star! I think I would do it on a special occasion.

My ideal bday bash: a pink party with lots of cupcakes & cocktails!


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