Thursday, April 07, 2011

How To: Dress For Errands

We all have to run errands, going to the store here, picking up groceries there, shopping for this, shopping for that, or just plain shopping for fun!  For a day of errands we want to be comfortable, both in our clothes and our shoes.  Being comfortable, doesn't have to mean sacrificing style.  Certain celebs out there are great at looking good while out and about, and so can you, with just a few helpful tips!

TIP #1

Unless you're going to the gym, there's no reason to be going to any store in sweats!  
They may be comfy but leave those for around the house, or at the gym!

TIP #2
For a simple yet stylish look, wear jeans, and your favorite tee
Sienna Miller Always looks great, even when she's dressed low key!

Never underestimate the power of a white tee!  

Lauren Conrad knows how to look chic in a white tee!

Add flip flops (or sneakers) and a pair of sunglasses and your good to go!

Love the Wilfox heart tee!  Cute addition to any casual look!

TIP #3
Don't be afraid of wearing a dress!
Sometimes dresses can be even more comfortable than wearing pants!
With the weather warming up, loose fitted summer dresses are perfect for a day of shopping or errands!

Vanessa Hudgens looks so fabulous, yet her outfit looks super comfy as well!

Choose a casual dress like one of these:

Zimmermann tube dress, $312
Polo Jeans Ralph Lauren denim dress, 145 GBP
Shirt dress, $72
Lipsy dress, 19 GBP
Dorothy Perkins floral dress, 28 GBP
Pinafore dress, 20 GBP
MIH JEANS chambray tunic, $200

Shirt dresses are perfect for a day of shopping, add a belt for an extra special touch!  Also give maxi dresses a shot this summer, for an easy go to look! I'm loving the floral one above!

Not a dress person, wear a skirt instead!  

A longer loose fitted skirt paired with a tank or tee, is effortlessly stylish! 

Jessica Alba looks great here in skirt:

Swap out the heeled sandals for flats and the outfit is all about comfort and style!

TIP #4
Accessory to consider, especially in the spring and summer months: 

The floppy hat!

Adding a floppy hat like Vanessa did above really completes a look, plus helps block the sun!  Can you believe the Wet Seal one above is only $8?!  What a great deal!

TIP #5
Wear Flannel!

Flannel isn't just for lumberjacks, pair a 3/4 length sleeve button down with a pair of skinnies and you have yourself a ridiculously easy ensemble! Which look are loving more?  Lauren Conrad, Megan Fox or Mary Kate's??

Although, I like them all, I have to go with the Olsen!  You know the Olsens know a thing or two about casual street wear, that looks effortless yet amazing!

I hope you find at least one tip helpful and that the next time you're out and about, you're looking good while picking up eggs, pumping gas, or buying that dress you've eying in the mall! 

Have a wonderful day girls!

all pictures found through bing search engine


annie said...

I get made fun of for wearing flannel. I love it though!

I normally go dressed like a major scrub...or overly dressed. It's really funny.

I can definitely use these tips!

K & J said...

Love your tips and I do follow some of them. Once the warmer weather comes I'm almost always in a summer dress or skirt. I would say my style fits most with the Jessica Alba picture. Love her shoes to. I'm not really into wearing flip flops since I have to many fabulous sandals :)

PS These are my comfort shoes....
(,B00430TIM4,B0043IDOL2,B00377GYBC,B003URPAJ6,B003FSPVTY,B001JIUR2I,B002FZBLGU,B004FXWGOG) Sorry for the long link :S

Mrs. April said...

These are really good tips! I admit to wearing sweat pants sometimes, but I only wear PINK and I try to pair it with cute flip flops, shades, and a really cute tee. But I really REALLY hate when people wear their PJs in public!! I'm amazed at how many people I see wearing their PJ pants. It's like... really?!

ana said...

thanks for the tips! I'm a dress persona and of course I love to wear white t-shirt and blouses! they are great when you really don't know what to wear at the moment ;)

Sunaina said...

Great tips, a lot of them are very useful to me! :)

Opal Stevens said...

Hey, I'm so glad I found your blog :)! Hope you can check out my beauty blog sometime!

Sherin said...

I definitely need to be more stylish when I do errands. These are great tips. White tee's and check shirts are perfect. Lauren Conrad is amazing at doing casual.

Leia said...

Excellent tips Tasha! :D


Maddalena said...


Kasia said...

Great tips and you have a fantastic blog!


Rachel said...

I love this post, Tasha! They're all great tips! I would certainly never wear sweatpants in public. Lol. When I'm running errands, I usually just wear jeans and a t-shirt or a dress if the weather is nice.

Laura said...

Oh what a great post! Very useful tips. I definitely prefer LC's plaid look the best.

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

that heart tshirt is so cute! great tips!

augustalolita said...

definitely perfect for running errands!! loving all of these lay back and casual looks <3


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