Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Giveaway Results!!!

The $100 Shopbop Gift Card Giveaway results are in!  
Thanks to all the lovely ladies who entered!  It's fun being able to give something away to my dedicated readers!  I know the winner will have so much picking out clothes from Shopbop!
Not sure why when I copy and past it doesn't show the Result number.  
Do you girls know how to do so?


Anyway, the lucky winner though was entry #12!!  Which is the fabulous: 
Laura from A La Mode et Plus!!!!

It's even more exciting when someone you know, from regularly reading her blog, wins a giveaway your having!  Laura is an amazing blogger, and if you haven't checked out A La Mode et Plus before, you definitely should!!

I will be contacting you here shortly!


this free bird said...


damn. wish it was me. okay me TOO. haha!!

hosting one over at my blog if you want to pop by..


Laura said...

Thank you Tasha!! I am so super excited :) And your sweet words really put a smile on my face!!

Laura said...

Oh and shopbop emailed me today with my code! So I am all set :)


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