Thursday, May 05, 2011

Saris: Exploring Different Styles Of Clothes

One of my favorite things about blogging, is meeting new people, and learning more about types of clothing I  may know little about beforehand.  Sari's are something a knew very little about before blogging, but I've begun to learn more and more as I've seen lovely bloggers wear beautiful ones in outfit posts.  Sherin,  from HiFashion, is one of those lovely bloggers, and she is having this amazing giveaway from a company called Sareez!  They are going to be giving a Sari worth upto $100 to a lucky reader! 

I wanted to share with you some of my favorites from their website!  

So a lot of these are pink shades..... you can tell I'm drawn to the color pink!  
Salmon Pink Georgette Wedding and Festival Embroidered Saree 

 Isn't the detailing on this one gorgeous?!!

Cherise Red Party and Festival Faux Georgette Embroidered Saree  

The material on all of these are simply stunning, am I right?! 
Red-violet and Indigo Blue Georgette Casual and Party Printed Saree
 I love the color combo of this one! 

Carrot Orange and Black Shimmer Georgette Embroidered Printed Saree 
The colors used in this one remind me of a breathtaking sunset!! Love that orange shade, so pretty!

Light Pink Faux Georgette Embroidered Party-wear Saree 

I think this one is probably my favorite, I'm not sure what occasion I would be able to wear it to, but maybe a wedding or something?  Definitely a fancier event!  It has a royal look to it, doesn't it?!

How I would style this look:

Hair: A formal updo I think would be more fitting for me
Makeup: I would use light pastel shades, nothing dark, more natural and glowing
Shoes: Either a cute pair of gold or pale pink flats, or a small heeled sandal in the same color options
Accessories: Isn't that headband simply stunning?!  I think a headband with floral details like that one, would look best, I'd also wear a bracelet or two, and maybe a glam ring of some kind

Black and Blue Embroidered Anarkali Salwar Kameez 

 This look seems more casual to me, and easier to wear in everyday life.  I love the blue paired with the black, and what gorgeous detailing on the collar!

How I would style this look:

Hair: I think I would put my hair in a low ponytail or leave completely down.  
Makeup:  (same as above) I would use light pastel shades, nothing dark, more natural and glowing
Shoes: I think my best bet would be a cute solid color pair of flats
Accessories:  I would wear a few fun bracelets/bangles, and possibly a headband

Isn't it fun exploring other styles of clothing then what you may be used to?  I loved checking out all the amazing saris on their website!  So much beautiful detailing!  Be sure to check out Sareez as well as Hifashion!

Which ones do you like??


Pop Champagne said...

Sarees are sooo pretty, I recently went to an east indian party and all the sarees looked so beautiful, I love all the vibrant colors for them

Laura said...

Those are GORGEOUS!! I am not sure how I would wear on a daily basis, but man oh man they are stunning.

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

these are SO gorgeous. i love the 2nd and 3rd ones. i don't think i could pull it off...but they are beautiful.

annie said...

I loved learning about sari's as well. I love the first one you picked!

Sherin said...

The sari's are all so gorgeous! I love the ones you picked and how you styled them. That last one is definitely my favourite.

Good luck!

mélia said...

Hey un nouveau blog vien d'etre créer sur la mode ! je ne t'en dis pas plus ! viens vite

Mimi said...

the first one is beautiful! and the carrot orange colored one is so uniquely gorgeous! :D

one of my closest friends is of hindu descent, and she has the most beautiful saris i've ever seen. :)

<3, Mimi

Ana said...

These are all so pretty! I think the one with two shades of purple is my favorite.


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