Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Mid Week and Blake Lively

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So that's probably what I've really been doing today.  This is a scheduled post, since I had my wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday.  I didn't plan on being online this week. 

I'm sure if you were to peep on me at home, I may look as silly as this:

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Or maybe more like this:

Lusting after solid hearty food! 

Anyway, I'm sure your tired of hearing about my wisdom teeth woes.....

So let's take a break from that and look at some shots of Blake Lively from the latest Glamour magazine!!

Blake Lively is so gorgeous isn't she!

 I think this one below in yellow is my favorite!  
I love the vintage feel and the volume in her hair!

It's really not fair how stunning she always looks is it??  I wish my hair was long again, and even looked remotely as pretty as hers always does!  I don't watch Gossip Girl but I know so many of you do, what do you think of Blake Lively's photo shoot for Glamour?  Are you a Blake fan?  Do you like her character on the show?  Serena?

Anyway, I better go, but I hope you all are having a lovely week!!



Laura said...

I love Blake! Her character annoys me sometimes, but the real girl seems like a sweetheart, and she sure is gorgeous and stylish! I am loving that cool sheer polka dot blouse and basically all of the shoes!!

Hope you are feeling ok!

Sherin said...

Hope everything with your wisdom teeth went ok. Just relax today and take it easy.

Blake Lively is stunning and tese photos are gorgeous. She's so pretty. I love the one of her in yellow as well. Her hair looks great.

Couture said...

I hope your feeling a little better already! I also had my wisdom teeth pulled, and I know how much it can hurt...
I don't really like Blake this much, but the shot you like is pretty good!

Leia said...

This really is a beautiful photoshoot! I think she's so pretty, but I'm not a fan of her character on Gossip Girl. Serena annoys me to no end! :P

Hope you're not too sore after your wisdom tooth getting pulled out. Please update us soon to let us know you're doing okay.


K & J said...

I couldn't wait to get my issue when I saw Blake would be in there. I LOVE the pic with her in the orange shorts and shoes. Not my color but she makes them look so good. Those heels are so fab!!! And the picture with the red heels.....OMG. Sooooooooooo HOT!! The whole outfit is just amazing. I have a pair of Jessica Simpson peep toes that look very similar to the red shoes she has on. She's definitely a celeb I crush on :)
I'm not a comic person (like Jess is) but I can't wait to see her in Green Lantern. Kara XOXOXOXO

Angela Alvarez said...

I love love love this post! :D
blake looks amazing!!

Mimi said...

aww, i hope you are feeling better! and yeah, she really is beautiful! :)

<3, Mimi

Ana said...

I don't watch Gossip Girl but I love Blake's style - I was really surprised to find out she doesn't have a stylist. These shots are absolutely beautiful.
Hope you're feeling better! I know that getting teeth pulled out is no fun, especially the wisdom teeth.

Anonymous said...

OMG she is so stunning here. How does she get her hair so long. My hair is long but it never grows that long without crazy split ends.

wisdom teeths are pain in the .... I had my upper ones pulled out over Christmas last year. It was not too painful. I was just happy to have them out.



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