Friday, August 26, 2011

Pinks, Blues, and Yellows too

Hey Girls!

I was wondering what you've been thinking about a certain trend that seems to becoming more and more popular as of late.  Bright colored highlights/streaks throughout ones hair.  Not you normal hues of blonde and caramels, but blues and pinks, and neon yellows.

Is this a trend you see yourself following?  Or just enjoying from a far?

Take a look at some of the most recent celebrities to take the hair plunge!

Katy Perry opted for the all over pink this month

But back late 2010 she tried out a rainbow of colors in her dark hair.

Which look of hers do you like best?

Kate Bosworth has recently change her blonde hair blue but only on the ends!

Lauren Conrad also added a few blue streaks to her ends as well!  A little less noticeable though then Kate's.

Dianna Argon covered most of her blonde hair in bright pink.  She recently tweeted it was for work though. So not something she did on her own accord. 

Lady Gaga has never been afraid of color.  But really what has she ever been afraid of?

One surprising bold hair color move I did love for sure, wasn't recently, but rather back in 2007, when Rachel McAdams showed up at a premiere with pink streaks in her blonde hair.  Do you remember that?  It actually really worked on her!

Do you like any of these looks?  Is this a trend you plan on trying out yourself?  Or are you not really liking this bold new hair trend??


K & J said...

I like the trend but it's not for me. I plan on keeping my blond hair the way it is :) Kara XOXO

Katie said...

i kind of wish i had blonde hair so it would be easier to add pops of color randomly! i could do so much with it!

--instead of an elephant

Mrs. April said...

I think it's awesome to add some funky colors to your hair, but not everyone can pull it off. Like personally, I think Kate Bosworth looks realllly bad. It just doesn't fit her, you know?


Leia said...

I'm a fan of more natural looks, myself, but I do like the subtle pink in blonde hair!


Marie said...

Definitely just enjoying from a far!

***** Marie *****


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