Sunday, October 16, 2011

$39,000 BAG

Ok girls, would you or wouldn't you, spend $39,000 on a bag!!!??!!

Bag in question:

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's alligator backpack:

photo credit

It was the first thing to fly of the shelves at The Olsen's Paris Launch of their new handbag collection on September 30th!  

Can you believe it?  I mean, it does look like a fabulous handbag/backpack, but can you imagine spending that much money for it??  I know I could never ever do so!  

But if someone wanted to give it to me for free, I wouldn't mind! ; )

Tell me what do you girls think??


NANCYXO said...

Only if I were a millionaire. As for now, I would buy a car with that kind of money! =]


Liesl said...

I think no matter how much money I had, I would never spend this on a bag...I just like getting a lot more things for a certain amount of money and I know, just as I become all about 1 bag at one time, I'm over it, so to speak, the next year...and I'm betting no matter the price tag this would always happen! However, it doesn't mean I won't admire it from afar! :)

Liesl :)

Jenmarie said...

That is absolutely ridiculous!

Mrs. April said...

Even if I were EXCEPTIONALLY rich, I just can't see any way to justify spending that much on a purse. Because let's face it, that's ALL it is. When I think about all the good in the world that could be done with that money, it literally makes me sick.


Rachel said...

I would NEVER spend that kind of money on this bag. I mean, what's so great about it? It's just a backpack! I don't even use a backpack! Sure, it looks nice. But the price is just outrageous. Let's face it, most of us can't afford such a thing. But then again, look at the prices for MK&A's The Row clothing line. That's crazy expensive for what it is too!

Sherin said...

I wouldn't dream of spending that much on a bag. It's pretty, but so expensive. It's crazy.


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